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  • "Gotta Love Wikipedia!" --Johnathan Smyth


  • "I find your site tremendously informative." --anonymous
  • "Usually your articles are very helpful. This time there was only a ""stub"". So it's my turn to be helpful. Sorry I can't send more." --anonymous
  • "Keep up the excellent work - stay independant!" --jonathan winstanley
  • "thanks for a great service" --Joseph Fluckiger
  • "Thank You..I love what you guys are doing." --M McFadden
  • "Love the wikis!" --Ron Packard


  • "Wikipedia is great gift to us all. I am proud to donate to your efforts." --Nancy Taylor
  • "Tack!/Moltes gràcies!" --Per A J Andersson
  • "Great resource - use it every day." --anonymous
  • "Mon compagnon de tous les jours. Merci !" --Pascal Duron-Benedetto (fr)


  • "Conhecimento e liberdade!" --Tiago Schmidt (pt)
  • "I love Wikipedia. I truely think is it one of the most important projects in the world." --Daniel Wolf
  • "Freedom of Information" --Laurence Villeneuve
  • "sel balamir" --Sel Balamir
  • "Wikipedia helps everyone on the internet with papers, or just plain old looking for cool information." --anonymous
  • "I use wikipedia virtually every day of my life, and it is a tool that I plan to teach my children to use." --anonymous


  • "Wonderful resource." --anonymous
  • "I use it every day; therefore, I must contribute to its flowering! I love the non-hierarchical knowledge production model." --anonymous
  • "Thanks for the help" --anonymous
  • "grazie!" --anonymous


  • "Wikipedia is the best thing to ever happen to free. Please make sure it stays that way, CONTINUE TO DONATE AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN!!!" --Sammy Yoo
  • "wikipedia is The Internet for me.." --Anoop Zacharias
  • "Fantastic site. Love it more and more. You're great. Thanks for all the work." --anonymous
  • """Look Up Dictionary"" on Mac invariably finds Wikipedia" --Adrien Youell
  • "In response to Knol" --Ethelind Cheng
  • "I dont know what I will do without wikipedia to thrive my knowledge hunger." --Srikanth Bemineni


  • "what little i have" --anonymous
  • ":) hello world ^^" --anonymous
  • "Good service to everyone who wants to 'KNOW' . Thanks!" --Sunil Mekathotti
  • "Merci à tous !" --Sébastien Motsch
  • "alexandre saboori" --Alexandre Saboori
  • "You help me every day!" --erel morris
  • "Wikipedia.org, and all of it's affiliates, has enriched my, and many others, education. Please use this small amount to keep growing." --anonymous


  • "i live by wikipedia . . . i love you!" --anonymous
  • "Thank you ALWAYS for keeping knowledge within reach!" --anonymous
  • "If it weren't for this valuable resource, I'd be spending twice as much time looking up something on the Internet! Thank you!" --anonymous
  • "No to $KNOL$" --anonymous
  • "Thanks" --anonymous
  • "The key to harmony is to keep the playing field level for everyone." --John Brewer
  • "//." --anonymous
  • "Go Wikipedia!" --anonymous


  • "Thanks for all the knowledge available in Wiki. I am willing to donate." --anonymous
  • "Great resource!" --anonymous
  • "keep it going..." --anonymous
  • "LOVE U ALL" --Atideh Bahanchi
  • "Keep the servers running!" --anonymous
  • "Special thanks from ThisIsLike.Com" --Dmitry Paranyushkin
  • "Great resource, thanks!" --anonymous
  • "It's just too good to be free!" --Marcus Macaulay
  • "best of luck" --NULL
  • "greetings! You are a proof of the power of open source solutions" --anonymous
  • "Unlimited source of knowledge..." --Jayaprakash S
  • "Heh heh, 'Autofelatio'" --anonymous
  • "I hope wikipedia succeeds in its objectives." --Prabin Gautam
  • "Change yourself and you will change the world" --anonymous
  • "thx" --Alexander Kourov
  • "Great Job" --anonymous


  • "普段利用させていただいております 大学教授ですが・・・" --anonymous (ja)
  • "Keep up the good work !!!" --anonymous
  • "Merci et bonne route, les gars..." --anonymous
  • "id love a letter from the founder" --David Figueroa Dávila
  • "Ripcord Networks loves wikipedia! Keep up the great work!" --Alex Fielding
  • "bobbyza" --Detrit Phonyiam


  • "I feel that it's a privilege to support the great work that is Wikipedia." --John Foarde
  • "thanks for Wikipedia" --anonymous
  • "Free speech needs to be supported" --anonymous
  • "いつも利用させてもらってます。" --anonymous
  • "Information should be free, easy to access and as accurate as possible.. Long live wikipedia!!" --Emre Guney
  • "謝謝你們的努力,讓世界更誠實,也讓我更充實" --唯凱 廖 (zh)
  • "Best Thing Ever Happened to Internet." --anonymous
  • "I love you wikipedia" --anonymous
  • "WIKI WIKI WIKI" --Lukas Loesche
  • "Wikipedia helped me diagnose a health problem that has been plaguing me on and off potentially for the last 15 years. Thank you." --anonymous
  • "Gràcies. Realment Wikipedia mereix un reconeixement per esta gran idea i alhora simple que és promoure el coneixement a tot el món." --Carles Marí (ca)
  • "May The Force Be With You!" --Bartosz Zarzecki
  • "Felicidades y cuenten con mi apoyo anual." --Manuel Barberena


  • "Not once in the past 3 years have I not visited and learned something on Wikipedia." --anonymous
  • "You are helping me learn how to connect RJ-45 Ethernet cables, plugs, and jacks." --anonymous
  • """Oh wikimedia, change the world, make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race...""" --Mads Michelsen
  • "c'est une richesse pour tous !" --Kader Bouchareb
  • "I’m happy to pay to ensure information stays free." --Paul Cascun
  • "thanks guys for your work" --Yann Beauvois
  • "This is a great and very useful project!" --anonymous
  • "è molto utile" --anonymous (it, "is very useful")
  • "Thanks for everything! Literally.." --Jimmy Baker
  • "Keep up the good work!" --anonymous
  • "In honor of Ecoleetage, an article-creating machine" --Daniel Zatkovich
  • "Thanks for the wonderful job." --anonymous


  • "Thanks so much for this priceless tool. We use your site all the time in our business!" --anonymous
  • "MAY GOD BLESS" --navnit c mandalaywala
  • "Good Work!!" --anonymous
  • "At least" --Julien Coallier
  • "enseñanza libre y universal, genial genial" --oscar pomares ballesteros
  • "Knowledge is power. God Bless" --Patricia Tuell


  • "vineet singh" --vineet singh
  • "Grazie" --anonymous
  • "Neil Camhi" --Neil Camhi
  • "Great resource." --anonymous
  • "Keep up the good work. I applaud what you folks are doing. This is great endovour. By far one of the best resources on the internet today." --anonymous
  • "keep up the good work" --sonia hudson
  • "Terrific site" --anonymous


  • "This is long over due, but not the end. Thanks and keep up the good fight!" --Cedric Whitney
  • "My senses are arrested by the awesomeness of Wikipedia" --William Penny
  • "Good work." --anonymous
  • "Outperforms Encyclopedia Britannica" --Albert Soberanski
  • "keep going keep keep going...." --anonymous
  • "great ! god bless" --anonymous
  • "One of the absolute best sites on the internet." --anonymous
  • "Share free knowledge - make a donation to Wikimedia!" --Sara Crouse
  • "Thank you Wikipidea for ALL the knowledge & help you provide!" --anonymous
  • "Il mio piccolo aiuto per la diffusione del sapere. Buon lavoro a tutti!" --Gianfranco Vecchio (it)
  • "Great job. More power to you guys." --Ali Khademi
  • "Sincere appreciation for the wonderful work you guys do" --Murthy Parakala


  • "This is my tiny contribution. Would like to contribute frequently like this. Wikipedia is God Send." --JaiMallesh Babu KR
  • "knowledge brings peace" --Anthony Galante


  • "Me parece una excelente labor por la que estan trabajando. Espero que muchas personas en el mundo comprendan el valor de la mision que han emprendido y que se unan a la misma causa. Muchas gracias." --Omar Rios (es)
  • "Bien adelante" --Juan Javier Martinez Jimenez
  • "Arturo C. Porzecanski" --Arturo Porzecanski
  • "I refer to Wikipedia for definitions and research all the time. Thank you." --anonymous
  • "As a teacher, I find Wikipedia and Wikimedia invaluable for my lesson preparation." --Amanda Claiborne
  • "My contribution to this very important project" --anonymous
  • "Thank you for helping me pass my MRCP 1. Now for part 2..." --anonymous


  • "Wikipedia is making a difference and helping to change the world." --anonymous
  • "A little contribution for a great cause" --Ramon Fernandez Bagues


  • "Zdravim wiki :)" --Michal Sviba
  • "Thanks for the info!" --anonymous
  • "Thank you for letting me publish information on Castle Sannegg in Braslovce, Slovenia." --anonymous
  • "いつもお世話になっております。" --anonymous
  • "Love the instant access to info!!" --anonymous


  • "Thanks!" --Alex Wilson
  • "Thank you for greate and free service." --Paarhati Ozkasgarli
  • "Use it all the time...." --anonymous
  • "Love Wikipedia!" --anonymous


  • "This is the best site on the internet! The info is amazing and I can't wait for the most current updates about anything. Don't stop with the great work!" --anonymous
  • "thanks!" --anonymous
  • "i've used it extensively. its a huge value. i do believe in what its about. Go Red Wings!" --John Emeigh
  • "I've been looking for a long time and still haven't found what I'm looking for but I have faith." --anonymous
  • "I don't understand PayPal. Can I send a check?" --EILEEN MERICLE
  • "For all the info I got. Thank you!" --Carsten Straaberg
  • "I have benefited vastly from Wikipedia, here is a little way to say Thank You." --anonymous
  • "J'utilise trop Wikipedia pour ne pas contribuer à son développement et sa maintenance" --anonymous
  • "I have benefitted from this, so giving back what little I can for this effort to continue" --Hariprasad Parthasarathy
  • "The site is highly useful and helped me many times in understanding the real meaning of the real terms" --anonymous


  • "Thanks for all the years of help so far!" --anonymous
  • "A wonderful source of information." --anonymous
  • "Wikipedia ist großartig! ...und gerade auch deshalb, weil oft leidenschaftlich gestritten wird!" --Peter Schwabe
  • "More complex web of historical characters. More small places and towns. Make sure all words with links are actually linked." --anonymous
  • "it's true because ii read it on wikipedia... bitch" --pm riviere
  • "Grazie di tutte le informazioni" --anonymous


  • "There's probably a good reason to donate. Go look it up :-)" --anonymous
  • "Great source of knowledge" --anonymous
  • "great job guys" --Bernadette Sullivan
  • "I use Wikimedia/Wikipedia constantly. Thanks for the help!" --Elizabeth Blake
  • "thanks for being here" --anonymous


  • "I should have donated to this amazing resource long ago!!" --Carisa Davis
  • "With appreciation for the efforts put forth by Wikipedia (Wikimedia) for the Common Good!" --Patrick Warren
  • "I use Wiki all the time it's about time I gave something back - thanks!" --Helen Osborn
  • "We go to Wikipedia first when researching any topic. Thanks for making it available." --John Gisler
  • "Connaître est le meilleur moyen de limiter les erreurs" --anonymous


  • "Thank for helping Students" --anonymous
  • "Wikipedia is a Revolution. C'est une belle réalisation pour l'humanité." --Sébastien Marcotte
  • "Keep doing well, Wiki!" --anonymous
  • "my gift" --Lev Aleshin
  • "I am deeply indebted to Wikimedia and the Wikipedia team for the privilege that Wikipedia is!" --anonymous
  • "Wonderful resource. One of the best things about the Web." --Richard Fuhrman


  • "Thanks for all your efforts in bringing the knowledge to everyone's doorstep" --vikas kashyap
  • "Great Work by Wukimedia, my small contribution for the same." --Abhijit Jorvekar
  • "Tks for sharing best info for the benefit of mankind. Am mostly interested in Shi'ite version of Islam, since I'm a Shia Twelvers follower. My other email for 6 months herawati.kadarman@total.com" --anonymous
  • "for every time I've used your site" --anonymous
  • "Wikipedia is the best thing that happened to the Internet. Keep on opening the world to an Open Source future." --anonymous
  • "thanks" --anonymous


  • "今日は何の日" --anonymous
  • "Thank You Wikipedia Originators and Organizers" --Dean Haakenson
  • "Happy Birthday Gabe!" --anonymous
  • "Let there be knowledge, for me, for you and for us" --anonymous
  • "Love Wikipedia" --anonymous
  • "Wikipedia - Besser als jede andere Wissensquelle." --Stefan Walder


  • "Stay informed" --anonymous
  • "Keep up the good work." --Jake Mongler
  • "worth it" --anonymous
  • "Wikipedia is GREAT! Thank you for your efforts!" --anonymous
  • "E' una piccola donazione, ma se tutti lo facessero..." --Gilberto Mengozzi
  • "Good Luck" --Ronald Gabat


  • "Janu Sundaram" --Janu Sundaram


  • "This is a blessing. Use it wisely. RANKINSTEIN" --KERBY RANKIN
  • "Thanks" --anonymous
  • "May God bless the creators of Wikipedia!" --anonymous
  • "Compartir. La mayor riqueza." --anonymous
  • "Thank you Wikipedia!! Please keep it going always!" --anonymous
  • "Harry Tucker" --Harry Tucker
  • "If I need to know something, I come here. Where else should we go?" --Rajas Pimpalwadkar
  • "In the einterest of bettering the power of electronic knowledge" --anonymous
  • "keep up the good work, you're also important to me!" --anonymous


  • "I hope my small donation helps. Wiki has been a great help to me," --Shaik Syahirah
  • "Thank you for this tremendous site, I have found it to be invaluable at times." --Michael Bonnell
  • "THANKS WIKIPEDIA FOR ALL YOUR HELP ! You help us to developp our knowledge!" --Henri Nidecker
  • "Una delle migliori cose di Internet." --Massimiliano Eleota
  • "Keep knowledge alive and, right" --DAMIAN OLEJNIK


  • """Knowledge is power""-SFB" --Lon Huber
  • "Wikipedia is a most excellent website. Thank you very much for that. I plan to donate this much monthly. I wish I could give more." --Benjamin Fresquez
  • "Good work people" --William Rowland
  • "You are doing a great job. This is a revolution in the field of human knowledge and communication. A big step forward in mass delivery of knowledge to billions of people.I wish you all the success." --Mehrdad Habibi
  • "An invaluable source of information" --anonymous


  • "What you have created and amasses is invaluable" --Jack Fulton
  • "I am a public school teacher and I use your site everyday! Keep up the good work." --Mike Romanaggi
  • "اشعر بالفخر حين اتبرع لويكيميديا فهذا الموقع قد ساهم في تغيير العالم وتحسين مستوى الثقافات في العالم" --Abdullah Marafie (ar)
  • "Greatest informative medium on this moment, beginning 21st century." --ANDRE WILLEMS
  • "ciao avanti cosi grazie" --Andrea Zaninelli
  • "Thank you for this wonderful, inspired resource" --Rose Marie Doyle
  • "Ve prospěch historika Ing Jiřího skalského" --Jiří Nádraský


  • "This is knowledge made free." --anonymous
  • "Wiki rules! I'd donate more, but I only have $17.37 in my PayPal account." --Alex Badock
  • "I use Wikimedia anytime I have a question! Thank you for making it available to me and the rest of the world! Wishing you much sucess!" --Amanda Jecklin


  • "Invaluable part of the Internet." --Joel Yliluoma
  • "Thank you for all that you do!" --Narayanaswami B
  • "I want to thank you for all the time and effort that is put into this site. It is a pleasure." --anonymous
  • "Great site - an absolutely indispensable ressource for children and adults. An absolutely wonderful project" --anonymous
  • "Thank you for the outstanding and invaluable vessel of knowledge. Wikipedia is quite simply the single most important conduit of reliable information today." --Kurt Warner
  • "I love Wikipedia!" --Sriram Venkataramani
  • "Thanks and keep up the great work!" --anonymous
  • "thanks for everything wikipedia does... my ultimate information resource" --Adam Ziemba


  • "Just because one has knowledge doesn't make them wise, but to have wisdom you must have knowledge." --anonymous
  • "Thank you" --anonymous
  • "Wikipedia is a fantastic resource." --anonymous
  • "Thanks!" --anonymous
  • "Ich finde es sehr wichtig, dass Bildung für alle zugänglich wird. Dafür ist Wikipedia prädestiniert." --anonymous
  • "keep up the good work!" --Nagender Parimi
  • "incredible service to the world.. thanks." --anonymous
  • "Thanks for the SetElev lisp routine!!" --anonymous
  • "Thank you for Wikipedia and all the other Wikis!" --Keith MacDonald


  • "Danke für die Infos. Weiter so" --anonymous
  • "Freies Wissen ist das höchste Gut, das die Menschheit besitzt" --Philipp Schreiber
  • "Proud to help educate our cildren worldide, they are our future!" --Luis Casanas
  • "the most important website in the world" --anonymous
  • "Thanks for making wikipedia working" --anonymous
  • "Jacob Dillow" --anonymous
  • "david beckame" --Mouhamed Hafirassou
  • "Thanks for your global-ness." --anonymous


  • "love the concept, refer to you almost daily, keep up the great work and resist hijackers! (unlike cddb)" --anonymous
  • "keep up the good work!" --anonymous
  • "Luiz Neto" --Luiz Monteiro
  • "vielen dank für ihren servic" --anonymous


  • "thank you" --anonymous
  • "A fascinating & very useful website. I use it daily." --Daniel Scanny
  • "A truly remarkable service helping to shape the future." --anonymous
  • "Thank you" --anonymous
  • "Just a great place in internet!" --anonymous


  • "I Love Wikipedia" --anonymous
  • "fabwiki" --anonymous
  • "Una labor impresionante" --anonymous
  • "Wikipedia is a fantastic source of shared knowledge and an eye-opener on the world's diversity and challenges." --Ditte Duclert
  • "great source of technical info ... good show !!!" --William Bloeser
  • "To support marathi wikipedia" --Shree Thatte
  • "tom hershey" --thomas hershey


  • "I could not find any words even in your collection to show the magnificence of your job! Simply, awesome!!!" --Hoss Garakani
  • "I don't know how I got by before wikipedia!" --anonymous
  • "Mike Hayes" --anonymous
  • "Wikipedia is helping to launch my new career!" --anonymous
  • "Just felt like giving something back to the world today." --Thomas Lemmen
  • "W la libertà!" --anonymous
  • "I believe" --luca guido zambrelli
  • "keep up the great job you are doing, thanks for being there when I needed you!" --anonymous
  • "I read these articles and have in the past wrote articles" --Sean Sweeney


  • "Wikipedia is a superb resource" --anonymous
  • "Donated to help keep Wiki advert free - please keep up the good work. Wish everyone that uses it would donate to enhance the sum of written human knowledge." --anonymous
  • "apprezzo molto l vostro lavoro" --anonymous
  • "It is a rare day that the wiki doesn't supply us with at least part of a reasonably accurate answer with information sufficient enough for our needs. Thanks for the vision and drive to get it done" --Richard Combs
  • "Thank you for what you do." --Katharine Beckwith