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  • ""Fuck the begrudgers", sound advice once received from a wise man." --Laurence Ronayne
  • "Good Work!!" --Anonymous
  • "Pour que vive le savoir et la liberté." --François Poirier
  • "Please keep up the great work for all to contribute to!" --David Berke
  • "Life Was Not So Easy Without Wiki...I Just Get Everything I Wanted Here..." --Samir Rakshit
  • "Viva la transversalité, le partage du savoir et des richesses" --Anonymous
  • "e una bella iniziativa" --Anonymous
  • "Very happy with the amount of information you can find on just about anything! Love the work your doing in Argentina, lets go all around the world!" --Lynnette Mettle


  • "Дело полезное" --Kirill Parfenov
  • "If you spend any time at all with Wikipedia, you need to contribute!" --Laura Henderson
  • "gracias por crear la wikipedia y darsela al mundo" --alejandro ruiz huerta
  • "Wikipedia is God Send." --JaiMallesh KR
  • "Ecrivain, je dois beaucoup à Wikipedia..." --Francis Mizio
  • "Thank you Wikipedia" --Darr Hawthorne
  • "Die wohl (kostenlose) nütztlicheste Seite im Netz! Leider bin ich momentan nicht flüssiger. Aber, Kleinvieh macht ja bekanntlich auch Mist! ;) Sascha F. / Trier" --Anonymous
  • "Just being part of this." --Anonymous
  • "4038160050719004" --Jesus Ceballos Gonzalez


  • "Many Blessings to you" --Anonymous
  • "WIkipedia es un maravilloso proyecto, muy responsable socialmente, todos deberiamos contribuir" --Gerardo Paz Mancera
  • "wiki \o/" --Anonymous
  • "I feel it's a great effort towards eradicating unawareness in the world about things of great diversity and multitude. Wish I could do more for Wikipedia." --Atulan Lahiri
  • "Thank you" --Dan Nasser
  • "I find i am using Wikipedia more and more, and finding it a fine source." --Gayle Gibson
  • "世界を救えるのは愛と知性だけ" --Anonymous
  • "It's like cliff notes for research!" --Anonymous
  • "This site is one the most important developements in the history of information disemination and will effect mankind as much as the invention of the printing press." --Gary Shuck
  • "Your account of the Finnish Winter War against the USSR 1939-1940 helped me understand my father's story, a Canadian student age 19 who was wounded in defending Finland against the invaders." --Laura Hoyano
  • "This has been a wonderful wealth of information for me." --Anonymous


  • "wikipedia. love it." --Benjamin Filewood
  • "I recommend WIKIPEDIA to my Great Books' Group & Mensa associates for its excellance, balance, and clarity." --Ronald Haley
  • "Thank you for organizing our individual knowledge into a collective knowledge of limitless proportions!" --Scott Haagen
  • "You help me through my difficult days, thank you so much!" --Anonymous
  • "Thank you!" --Ross Cutts
  • "Thank You for the great, accurate information!" --Matthew Swingle
  • "Wikipedia is great!!" --Tanja De Coster
  • "Wikimedia is great and accurate" --Darin Wade
  • "oss.digirati.com.br" --Michel Machado


  • "keep up the great work!" --Ricardo Cabral
  • "Thanks for making all of this possible!" --Walter Moczygemba
  • "参考になります、これからも宜しく" --文夫 森下
  • "Thanks for the knowledge" --Anonymous
  • "wiki is simple the BEST internet source of information going, and deserves as much support as we users can give it." --S Linley
  • "Excelent job !" --Paulo Pereira
  • "Astounding site" --Anonymous
  • "for the concept of sharing knoweldge!" --Anonymous
  • "My little contribution to the great site" --Arun Kumar
  • "Go Wiki! Go! i really wish you can help more people, like the philippines, a lot of kids desparately need help. sharing the knowledge about things can be a big help." --Anonymous


  • "Thank you for those that contribute tirelessly to make it possible to learn." --Lynn Romero
  • "You guys are great" --Keihon Sarkhosh
  • "Wikipedia is changing the way we learn and share knowledge. I am pround of being part of this great procss." --Haoyun Xu
  • "Moammadmorteza Sajedian" --Mohammadmorteza Sajedian
  • "Thank you for being there." --Ashley Brunner
  • "Arash Tala" --Anonymous
  • "Wikipedia" --Anonymous
  • "by Mizusumashi@JAWP" --Anonymous
  • "Good stuff. It's unbias and factual (i hope) well done to the inventor!!! genius" --Anonymous
  • "I always use wikipedia....every single day,for every topic I can imagine of" --Anonymous
  • "Wikipedia is one of the best idea on the Internet. We must support it with (serious) information contribution and money to make it better every day." --AnonymousKib