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Fundraising 2008/comments/2008-10-13

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  • "knowledge is power and should be freely available to all" --Anonymous
  • "Thank you Wikimedia, you are a true blessing to the whole world~!" --Anonymous
  • "I hope Wikipedia becomes not only the world standard, but also widely accepted as the most reputable source for information." --Anonymous
  • "I am in Liverpool Uk. Wikipedia helps me a lot inmy book project. Can I use my credit card to donate one hundred pounds. This is all I can affordbut when I get profit from my book, I will pay you 10%" --Joan Chan
  • "Excellent job" --Lluc Sumoy
  • "We need to know what there is to know. Long live Wikipedia, you diamond." --D James
  • "No ads please. Thanks" --Anonymous
  • "you are a great resource--keep it up!!!" --Anonymous
  • "You just keep getting better! Thanks!" --Anonymous
  • "Thank you" --Anonymous
  • "awesome" --Anonymous
  • "Never dreamed something like Wikipedia would exist; like a wish I didn't know I could wish. THANK YOU!" --Sunday Thompson
  • "The work you do made my education research projects head in the right direction" --James Varnado


  • "I don't know where to turn to if it wa'sn't for Wikipedia! God bless you!" --Anonymous
  • "Wikipedia gives me faith in the future" --James Dow
  • "I love Wikipedia. It is very helpful tool for my studing. I appreciate everybody's effort. You guys are great." --Roman Dogadin
  • "best site ever. modern wonder of the world." --Brian Mc Donnell
  • "Bunnies?" --Anonymous
  • "knowledge is the fortune for the unfortunate; lets share" --Anonymous
  • ":-D" --Matthew Rathbun


  • "Thanks for the info about Aspergers syndrome" --Anonymous
  • "Wikipedia hilft mir in vielen unterschiedlichen Situatuonen. Bitte macht so weiter und baut es weiter aus. Freuen würde mich wenn noch mehr in technischen Themen beschrieben werden" --Stefan Kiefer
  • "加油" –Anonymous
  • "Mr RICARDO J. Rodriguez" --Ricardo Rodriguez
  • "pblxa" --Dawn Liebig
  • "Thanks for a great source of information!" --Anonymous


  • "I think Wikipedia represents the highest good of man's desire to know the breadth of his own knowledge." --George Heindel


  • "Wikipedia help me better understand myself and as well as the world around me." --Kantad Thuampoomngam


  • "thank you" --Anonymous
  • "Because even small donation add up like the many articles on wikipedia" --Johan Reinink
  • "Thank you for always being there for me. Answering questions and solving problems." --Juan Villanueva
  • "I've used Wikipedia for years and it has given me so much information I think it's time to give some back. If it can be spent preferably in the technology area." --Anonymous


  • "Knowledge is power, Wikimedia empowers the people" --Thomas James
  • "Weiter so!" --Anonymous
  • "Although my donation is for hardly anything, I still want it to mean that I appreciate every bit of information that I have found using wikipedia. It is an amazing tool and I am grateful." --Anonymous
  • "Best thing ever. Keep up the good work!" --Alexander van den Eijnde
  • "Wiki hats verdient!" --Anonymous
  • "The concept and implementation of Wikipedia is the best possible use of the internet." --Joel Hunter
  • "Novel concept and a useful tool." --Anonymous
  • "Help them to make yourself rich in knowledge, because knowledge is wealth" --Anonymous


  • "viva wiki!" --Anonymous
  • "Thanks for giving me access to such authoritative and indepth knowledge!" --Gurpreet Luthra
  • "I love the idea of free knowledge and software, and kudos to WikiMedia for switching to Ubuntu!" --Sanjay Varanasi
  • "This is the best website on the net and it's very refreshing in this day and age that it's a non profit organisation - Great work to all involved!!" --Stephen Davy
  • "Wonderful Resource. Remarkable that it can stay free of advertisement." --Michael Cuipa
  • "Keep on providing great service!" --Anonymous
  • "And I'm not even under the influence right now!" --John Hudson
  • "congratulations" --Anonymous
  • "go on !" --Michele Zanarotti