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Fundraising 2010/Abbas Appeal/tr

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Ben sık sık elimden geldiğince İngilizce ve Svahili Vikipedilerine katkıda bulunuyorum. It still amazes me that, here in Kenya, I can be part of a global community that comes together to gather all of human knowledge in one place. I want you to contribute to Wikipedia, too, by making a donation – even if all you can afford is a few dollars. Here's why: You're part of this community just like I am, and what we are building together is important.

Knowledge is power, but only when it is shared. Young people here in Kenya know that education is the key to working their way out of poverty. There is a world of information out there, but today it is out of reach for so many people.

Attending school is impossible for many in the developing world. Their textbooks are hopelessly out of date, and they can't afford new ones. They desperately want to be part of the global community – and that's what Wikipedia makes possible.

It is knowledge that is freely shared to everyone. It is constantly updated and always current. It is a connection between you and me and everyone who cares about knowledge and wants to share it.

Just imagine what a difference it would make if students in Kenya’s schools had regular access to Wikipedia. This is just a small part of what you help fund when you give to the Wikimedia Foundation.

We're all part of this community, and each of us has our own reasons for helping to protect and sustain Wikipedia. Whatever your personal reason is, I hope you will take part in the annual fundraising drive now with a gift of $20, €30, ¥4,000, or whatever you can to keep Wikipedia free.

It matters, and it makes a difference. Thank you for contributing in any way you can.


Abbas Mahmut

Mombasa, Kenya