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Fundraising 2010/Graphic Banners

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The fundraiser you can [edit]

Text banners are boring

What we need

Through testing, we've found that graphic banners perform twice as well as text-only banners. Get creative! Can you help us come up with graphic banners?
We're looking for 10th anniversary banners and banners to advertise the contribution campaign.
Have a idea to suggest?

Guidelines and Design Specs[edit]

  • Banners must be a svg or png file.
  • Banners should be 800 x 180px or 28 x 6cm
  • Banners will be released under the CC-BY-SA license, and all components must also be freely licensed. By submitting, you agree to release this image under CC-BY-SA.
  • Upload the banner to Wikimedia Commons, and place it in Category:2010 Fundraiser Banners, or email it to donate(_AT_)wikimedia.org.
  • Post it also at Fundraising 2010/Graphic Banners/Proposals, and please leave feedback on other banners.


Please see Fundraising_2010/Graphic_Banners/Proposals.