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Fundraising 2010/Social Media/SM Team

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The fundraiser you can [edit]

IRC: #wikimedia-contribconnect | @WikiContribute | Example Tweets | Have Ideas?

About our initiative

Get involved

This year's social media approach is rooted in perpetuating a two-way conversation between the community and potential donors and editors. Our two primary goals are to increase financial donations, and to encourage and foster new contributions. We've got an exciting campaign ahead of us, and information on how to get involved is right here.
We've put together an official team of volunteers, but we still need your help. While our team is working to spread the word through channels such as @WikiContribute, and get people involved with the 2010 Fundraising Contribution campaign, anyone with their own Twitter account can get involved! You can create excitement surrounding the 10 year anniversary, publicize parties, give opportunities for people to get involved, and recognize contributions!
  • #keepitfree
  • #wikipedia
  • #wikimedia
  • The 10th anniversary provides a unique opportunity this year that gets readers and contributors excited about Wikipedia. A conversation will form organically about the milestone, and it is our job to tap into that conversation and use it to engage new editors, and of course, raise funds.
  • As in previous years, we want to focus on showing appreciation for donors and the broader editing community. A major aspect of our social media strategy is providing public recognition and thanks for donors and supporters. With a handful of volunteers this year, we are better able to acknowledge supporters, editors, and even visitors to reciprocate the “shout outs” we get throughout our fundraiser.
  • Recognize and encourage all forms of contributions
  • Draw attention to positive mentions in media and significant milestones, monetary or not.
  • Create excitement surrounding the 10 year anniversary, publicize parties, give opportunities for people to get involved.
Youtube Videos
  • Contribute:
  • Usernames:
  • Nice People:
  • Edit Button:
  • Great Feeling:
  • Tweets should not disparage or cast a negative light on others
  • Follow Wikimedians and relevant handles (tech folks, donors, new editors)
  • Tweets may work to clarify misinformation by providing corrections, but should not engage in argumentative behavior.
  • Answer general questions and clarify legitimate misinformation, but don't act as dedicated customer support
  • Direct help-seekers to OTRS e-mail accounts.
  • Post with #keepitfree or #Wikipedia hashtags whenever possible.
  • RT relevant information and other Wikimedians
  • Translated messages