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Fundraising 2011/Fundraising Summit

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Arthur Richards takes a moment to contemplate just how awesome he is

The Fundraising Summit is a meeting for Wikimedia Chapters to discuss the upcoming Wikimedia Fundraiser.

Date and Time[edit]

  • Arrival: Thursday evening, June 16th
  • 1st day: Friday, June 17th
  • 2nd day: Saturday, June 18th
  • 3rd day: Sunday morning, June 19th
  • Departure: Sunday after lunch, June 19th

[1] [2]


Vienna, Austria

  • Venue: Arbeiterkammer Wien, Theresianumgasse 16-18, 1040 Wien

Overview in Google Maps

Arrival and Departure[edit]

Please book your flights to Vienna (IATA: VIE) to arrive on June 16th and to depart on June 19th after lunch. There is a shuttle train service (City Airport Train - CAT) which runs every 10 minutes between Vienna city centre and Vienna airport. The ride takes 16 minutes

You might want to check flights to Bratislava (IATA: BTS) in Slovakia because they might be much cheaper than to Vienna. There are several bus links between Bratislava airport and Vienna, the ride takes 2 hours and costs less than 10 EUR (one way).

Transportation within Vienna[edit]

Vienna has a subway (U-Bahn), commuter train (Schnellbahn) and bus network within the city and into the region.

Wikimedia Austria is providing special public transport tickets - so called "Congress Tickets" issued by Wiener Linien, the local public transport company. These tickets are valid while your whole stay in Vienna. They additionally include rides with the City Airport Train which normally requires an extra ticket.

The tickets will be provide in the next days via e-mail (PDF file). You need to print them and bring them with you, so you can directly board the CAT after arriving at Vienna airport and move freely inside the city all days.

Remember to print the ticket before you leave!


Wikimedia Austria has booked all hotel rooms as per your registration until June 5th. Please pay your accommodation cost either directly at the hotel or to Wikimedia Austria.

Austria Trend Hotel Beim Theresianum
Favoritenstraße 52
A-1040 Wien


  • single room 96 EUR per night
  • double room 126 EUR per night
  • including breakfast


  • breakfast is included in the hotel accommodation
  • lunch will be provided by Wikimedia Austria at the venue
  • dinner can be handled individually, Wikimedia Austria has planned a light evening program on Friday and Saturday which includes going to location where we can have dinner


This is the official list of participants, this list will be handed to the Hotel for reservation. Please make sure that your data is accurate.

Remember to register until June 5th - Registration includes hotel booking, public transport ticket, airport transfer and catering

Name Username Chapter Arrival Departure Comment Registered
Megan Hernandez Meganhernandez WMF Thu 12:00 Mon 14:00 Done
Arthur Richards Awjrichards WMF Thu 18:00 Mon 07:50 Done
Pats Pena ppena WMF Thu 09:30 Mon 07:00 AUA112 / AUA121 Done
Kurt Kulac Kulac WMAT Thu Fri Done
Beppo Stuhl Regiomontanus WMAT lives in Vienna Done
Manuel Schneider 80686 WMAT/WMCH Thu 12:15 Sun 17:45 OS472 / OS473 Done
Adam Jenkins Bilby WMAU Wed 21:20 Mon TBA Sun 20:00 EK125 / Done
Till Mletzko Till Mletzko (WMDE) WMDE Thu 16:30 Mon 17:50 Done
Tobias Schumann WMDE Thu 16:30 Sun 20:00 Done
Schiste WMFR Thu TBA Sun TBA Done
Bence Damokos Bdamokos WMHU Fri 10:00 Sun 19:00 arrive at Praterstern/Lassallestr

U-bahn station

Tisza Gergő Tgr WMHU Fri 10:00 Sun 19:00 Done
Paul Becherer WMNL Fri 08:40 Sun 19:55 Done
Siebrand Mazeland WMNL Fri 08:40 Sun 19:55 Done
Richard Knipel Pharos WMNYC Thu 11:50 Sun 12:30 Mon 7:30 IB3576 / IB3577 Done
Waldir Pimenta Waldir WMPT Thu 23:10 Sun Mon 12:30 IB8476 / IB3577 Done
Anna Bauer WMSE Thu tba. Sun tba. Done
Holger Motzkau Prolineserver WMSE Thu 12:10 Sun 20:05 OS 312/OS 317 Done
Roger Bamkin WMUK Thu TBA Sun TBA Done
Chris Keating WMUK Thu 16:30 Sun 17:40 LH2330 / LX3565 Done


Travel costs and accommodation costs have to be paid by each chapter. Wikimedia Österreich is taking care of the meeting room and catering during the meeting.

We are looking forward in gathering some money in order to help funding chapters which can otherwise not afford to participate. Please contact Wikimedia Österreich if your chapter is willing to provide funding.



Thursday, June 16th
arrival in Vienna, check-in at the hotel
Friday, June 17th
9:00 welcome session - defining further program - introduction round - sharing experiences
10:30 coffee break
11:00 CiviCRM presentations
12:30 lunch
13:30 Fundraising Agreement
15:00 coffee break
16:30 3rd session
18:00 end of 1st day
18:30 city tour (leaving from the hotel)
19:30 dinner (after the tour, somewhere in the city)
Saturday, June 18th
9:00 Fundraising outside the Fundraiser (Till's presentation)
10:30 coffee break
11:00 Testing (Megan's presentation)
12:30 lunch
13:30 working groups
15:00 coffee break
16:30 working groups
18:00 end of 2nd day
19:00 meeting with the Wikipedian Meet-Up at 9er Bräu
Sunday, June 19th
9:00 working groups
10:30 coffee break
11:00 wrap-up, closing session
12:30 lunch
13:30 end of 3rd day / summit


  • CiviCRM (announce CiviCRM interest and add possible CiviCRM-topics for the conference)
    • presentation from Arthur (available here)
    • presentation from Holger
    • discussion
    • CiviCRM workshop for setting up chapters?
  • Fundraising Agreement
    • call in Mosuhira
  • Piwik vs. OWA (Web Analytics)
  • Best Practice Fundraiser
    • common privacy policy, handling of donor overlap
    • e-mail: use in fundraising (incl. testing), stewardship and outreach
    • payment methods
    • fundraising outside Wikipedia (Wikimedia Deutschland presentation by Till - Presentation is available here
  • Testing (process, practices, findings)
    • presentation from Megan (available here)
  • FR 2010 wrap-up

Notes (updated in realtime):


Wikimedia Österreich

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