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Editor Appeals December 8, 2011[edit]

Wikipedia Editor

We ran a new editor appeal this week from a university student. When we put the appeal live in the US on Monday morning, we saw a boost in donations, so we have been working on putting up tests with this appeal in other countries as well.

Donors have sent in positive feedback about her appeal. One donor wrote in: "I was intrigued by the testimonial of the student who contributed 18,000 edits. I am a student myself."

Wikipedia Editor

Another wrote: "The student whose contribution I read inspired me to donate after she stated that textbooks cost $500 but she has access to all the information she needs through Wikipedia."

This morning we introduced another appeal from Brazilian editor, Bruno Linhares. Bruno is a transportation engineer who primarily edits articles about air transportation in Brazil.

In response to his appeal, a donor wrote in: "Bruno's letter reminded me that I can find answers to most anything because of the passionate people that write the articles."

More editor appeals are in the works and you'll see them up live over the next few days. Thank you to everyone who is working with us to create different drafts of the appeals. Collaborating on these appeals is one of the most fun parts of the fundraising process.

Meganhernandez 02:34, 9 December 2011 (UTC)[reply]