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Funds Dissemination Committee - Terms of Reference[edit]

  1. The Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC) is a committee of the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) created for the purpose of making recommendations to the WMF Board of Trustees (WMF Board) regarding the dissemination of funds raised in the annual fundraiser on the WMF controlled websites (the Fundraiser).
  2. The FDC will operate independently of the WMF, any Wikimedia Chapter, any other Wikimedia affiliated organisation and any external organisation.
  3. The FDC will consist of nine members appointed for terms of two years, starting 1 April. There will be two members appointed by the Wikimedia Foundation, two members appointed the Wikimedia Chapters that received donations from the most recent Fundraiser, two members appointed by other Wikimedia Chapters and other affiliated organisations and three members appointed by the Wikimedia Community.
  4. Each group will appoint members in a manner of its own choosing. All appointments are final and cannot be overruled by any other party.
  5. Appointments will be staggered with one member appointed from each of the first three categories and one member appointed by the Wikimedia Community in odd numbered years and two in even numbered years. All positions will be appointed in the first year, with the appointments clearly specifying which are for one year terms.
  6. A member may resign and can be removed by a two thirds vote of the committee. In this case, whoever appointed them may appoint a replacement for the remainder of their term. A member cannot be removed in any other way.
  7. Members of the FDC must not be members of the Board of Trustees, employees or contractors of the WMF, any Wikimedia Chapter or any other affiliated body.
  8. All members are expected to act in what they considered to be the best interests of the Wikimedia movement, without regard for who appointed them.
  9. The FDC will determine for itself how it will conduct its business.
  10. The FDC may request the assistance of the WMF staff for administrative tasks. The FDC may request advice from any party, Wikimedia affiliated or external.
  11. The FDC may pay its members and others for their reasonable expenses incurred while carrying out the business of the FDC. The FDC may make reasonable payment for professional advice if it considers it necessary. The WMF will handle all such transaction at the request of the FDC.
  12. The FDC will instruct the WMF, Wikimedia Chapters and other affiliate organisation and individuals that wish to apply for funds raised in the Fundraiser (Applicants) in how to make their applications. The FDC will determine what these instructions will be.
  13. The FDC will consider all applications and will make a recommendation to the WMF Board each year by 1 November specifying the target for the Fundraiser and how much money should be made available to each Applicant. The recommendation will state what should be done in the event that the target is not reached. The recommendation will state any restrictions that should be imposed on the money made available to any or all Applicants. The FDC may make other recommendations regarding the allocation of funds at other times, as it considers appropriate.
  14. The FDC will make its decisions with regard to the following values:
    1. Freedom and accessibility of knowledge
    2. Openness and transparency
    3. Subsidiarity
    4. Diversity
    5. Efficiency
    6. Security