Funds Dissemination Committee/Complement to Standard Grant Approaches

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The following page will be used to draft a preliminary version of a structure to complement standard grant approaches. Please provide comments and feedback on the talk page.


On May 23 2012, Barry Newstead (WMF) joined a discussion initiated by TSB with Tango, Wittylama, Jan-Bart, SJ and Solstag, and agreed with the idea of a structure that could complement the work of the FDC and other standard grant approaches. Barry Newstead (WMF) shared he "would be supportive of considering a proposal for a pilot project using a portion of WMF's Grant budget, if there is a group that wants to structure it" and TSB offered to draft the pilot project aiming at:

  • assessing "supply" of reviewers to collaborate and work in a decentralized way
  • assessing "demand" from fund-seekers not served in the current option set
  • addressing potential problems of "gaming" the system

Please see the talk page in order to learn more and subscribe to a pilot program.