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Funds Dissemination Committee Advisory Group/Meeting 3

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Funds Dissemination Committee Advisory Group
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Time and place[edit]

  • 25 May (all day), 26 May 2014 (all day), Optional dinner with FDC members on 24 May (18.30)
  • Frankfurt, Germany (exact meeting location TBD)


All current members are invited to attend, and attendance is currently being confirmed.[outdated]

Non-members invited:

Preparation recommended for advisory group members[edit]


  • Evaluate the FDC process while it is in pilot mode, and recommend improvements.
  • Evaluate the extent that the FDC process has helped the Movement reach its strategic goals.

Possible topics for discussion[edit]

  • Impact of first complete year of Annual Plan Grants.
  • Asumptions underlying chapters and organizations receiving funding from the FDC.
  • One-year vs. long-term funding, overhead and fixed costs
  • FDC funding excludes Grants? (see talk and proposal)
  • Geographic dispersion
  • User groups and thematic organizations
  • Community involvement, FDC membership structure
  • Process overheads.
  • Appeals and the ombudsman role.
  • A "Broader funding model".
  • WMF Annual Plan review, inside or outside of the FDC process?


Day one will begin with a review of where we stand with input from the FDC. The Advisory Group will identify and prioritize key questions for discussions in working groups in the afternoon.

Day two will focus on writing a recommendation to the Executive Director and discussion of lower priority topics.

Agenda: Day 1[edit]

Morning with FDC[edit]

9:00–9:30am – Introduction, setting out goals, agenda, roles and guidelines for the two-day convening

9:30–10:30am – FDC Breakout Discussions with the AG

  • Discussion topics:
    • Are the goals of the FDC being met?
    • Biggest success(es)
    • Biggest challenge(s)
    • Should the FDC continue?
    • What do we need to keep/stop/start/change?

10:30–10:45am – Coffee Break

10:45–11:30am – Group Discussions with both FDC and AG

11:30–12:30pm – Plenary discussion on breakouts

12:30–1:30pm – Break for lunch

1:30pm – FDC departs


1:30–2:30 pm – Begin AG meeting formally

1:45–2:30pm – Presentation on learnings from impact reports, process surveys, etc.

  • What is the impact of the first year of Annual Plan Grants / FDC process?
  • What has the Annual Plan Grants / FDC process done to improve our knowledge of the movement?
  • Where does the Annual Plan Grants / FDC process stand now relative to original plans and other grants programs?
  • Staff perspective on challenges and opportunities.
  • Questions and comments

2:30–2:45pm – Vote: Should the FDC continue?

2:45–3:45pm – Identify and prioritize key discussion topics for the Advisory Group.

3:45–5:30pm – Break into working groups

  • Each group will discuss two priority topics
  • A poster will be created for each topic
    • Key issue (e.g., “Ongoing evaluation of FDC”)
    • Keep/Stop/Start/Change
    • Main point/summary for ED recommendation
    • Key questions for grantmaking team and FDC

4:30–5:30 pm – Mix groups to review posters, add notes/questions

Agenda: Day 2[edit]


8:30–9:00 am – Meet with Richard, Peter and anyone interested in reviewing agenda for day

9:00–9:30 am – Gallery Walk reviewing posters

9:30–10:00am – Group discussion on impressions of the posters

  • Agree on agenda for the day, reviewing ultimate output needed

10:00–11:00 am – Key issue working groups: finalizing viewpoints

  • Using posters and notes/comments, define outputs for ED recomendation letter
  • Finalize keep/stop/start/change recommendations

11:00–12:30 pm – Consensus on inputs to ED recommendation letter

  • Each group reports back their recommendation: keep / start / stop / change

12:30–1:30pm – Break for lunch


1:30–2:30 pm – Draft letter to ED

2:30–5:30 pm – Discussion with remaining group

  • Discussion of lower priority topics identified on day 1
  • Propose timeline/plan for future process review for FDC
  • Talk about potential goals for future impact

Meeting Minutes[edit]


Recommendation to the Executive Director[edit]