Grants:APG/Funds Dissemination Committee/Request for Input on Plan from Subject-Matter Experts

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Purpose of this document

As part of the application assessment and evaluation process, entities who have submitted proposals to the FDC, the FDC, or FDC staff may request input from subject-matter experts on specific applications or topics. This is a template to use to solicit this information.

Request for input on plan from subject-matter experts

Please review the plan from [XYZ Organization], paying particular attention to [area in which you're an expert].

Following your review, and bearing in mind your own experience and using your best judgement, please write your responses to the following questions:

  • What is your overall reaction to the plan as proposed?
  • Do you believe [XYZ Organization] is qualified to undertake this?
  • What are the major strengths of the plan, from your perspective?
  • What are the major weaknesses of the plan, from your perspective?
  • If the plan were executed, what if any suggestions would you have for the [XYZ Organization], that you feel would increase their likelihood of success?
  • If the plan were executed, do you think it would make a small, medium or large contribution to the goals of the Wikimedia movement, and to its ability to achieve global impact?
  • Does the plan propose to break new ground in ways that could create important learnings for the global Wikimedia movement? In other words, if the plan is executed, will the Wikimedia movement have learned anything new and important that could be applied outside this plan, that would help it achieve its global goals? Would that learning be a small, medium or large contribution?
  • Do you believe the budget (for the area that you are particularly evaluating) is feasible?