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Submission no. 12
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Communicating GLAM-Wiki: What do we need to do next?

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Alex Stinson (User:Astinson (WMF) & User:Sadads)
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United States
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Wikimedia Foundation

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45 minutes
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Much of the communications infrastructure and support resources developed for the GLAM-Wiki community were created as part of the early international GLAM-Wiki community in 2010-12, including The This Month in GLAM Newsletter, the Cultural Partners and GLAM mailing lists, and documentation on Outreach Wiki. Following the model of the Education Program Communications survey, the GLAM-Wiki team at the Wikimedia Foundation would like to conduct a communications survey through multiple stakeholder groups during the upcoming year, including GLAM professionals, On-Wiki and staff at the Wikimedia Foundation and Affiliates.

This workshop session will focus on identifying the questions that such a survey should ask based on the needs of of the Wikimedia community and its partners for understanding the GLAM-Wiki Space. The workshop will ask some open questions:

  • What gaps do you see in the current branding and visual needs of Wikimedia communities and partners?
  • What communications channels should we evaluate?
  • How effective are materials on Outreach and for implementing GLAM-Wiki projects?
  • What materials are missing support and communications materials, including metrics, how to guides, outreach materials, etc.
  • Questions about goals, outcomes and opportunities for expanding GLAM-Wiki work.

This session will focus on workshoping the needs of the GLAM-Wiki community in better understanding the communications needs of Wikimedia communities.


What will attendees take away from this session?

Attendees will:

  1. Better understand the communications needs and opportunities of their peers.
  2. Understand the broad perceptions of both Wikimedians and other communities
  3. Identify some key opportunities for improving their own communications practices about GLAM-Projects.
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