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Creative Commons GLAM Certificate: how to teach about licenses to GLAM institutions

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Evelin Heidel / Scann
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Creative Commons

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  • Workshop (small group, on a specific topic, with time for attendees to practice - 30 min, 60 min, or 90 minutes)
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60 minutes
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In 2018, Creative Commons launched the CC Certificates, a set of online courses dedicated to help librarians and educators to better understand the way in which the CC licenses work, and to speak about and advocate for open licensing in their workspaces. The first beta cohort completed their certification process between February-April, and the next iteration of the course was opened during the CC Global Summit, and almost fully booked after weeks of being launched. The excitement around the course demonstrates open advocates’ need for this type of certification to clarify aspects about CC licensing and to better understand how to advocate for them and apply them.

In the GLAM sector, there is reasonable evidence demonstrating the need for CC training on open licensing. See the recent report by Kennisland as an example. We have reasons to believe that once the licenses are being wrongly applied in a GLAM institution through a content aggregator, they’re being wrongly applied in most contexts.

Responding to this need, the Kress Foundation funded the adaptation of the core certification for GLAM institutions. For the GLAM Certificate, we are consulting with GLAM institutions that have already applied the licenses or have chosen a path of openness, and with the broader Open GLAM community. From the consults, we will produce a 30 page outline for a GLAM certification training module. In this session, we'll walkthrough the core certification, share the insights of the consultations and the module, and open the space to receive feedback over the way in which the course will be running and see ways in which the GLAM community at Wikimedia and CC can cooperate in the context of the course.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. an understanding of the way in which the CC Certificates function;
  2. an overview of the adaptation of the CC Certificates for GLAM institutions;
  3. an insight of the kind of questions and challenges that GLAM institutions still face when deciding to go through a path of openness;
  4. and hopefully a spark of enthusiasm over the CC certification!
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