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Submission no. 16
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Cultural diversity in Nigeria; as it reflect to the global world

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Ayokanmi Oyeyemi
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Wikimedia User Group Nigeria

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30 or more

A cultural dance display from one of the tribes in Nigeria

As of today Nigeria boast of 1159 dialects and ethnics group with over 500 languages. With a multi-ethnic and culturally diverse society with the biggest population in Africa that has witnessed conflicts arising from this ethnic and cultural diversity. This paper expounds the ways in which such conceptual issues as ethnicity, cultural diversity and population has aided the local Wikimedia User group to forge ahead irrespective and had turn to strength in which it has recorded massive success in the last few years and how the cultural diversity and population in Nigeria can be a mirror to the global world.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. The knowledge of the rich cultural diversity in the most populated Africa country.
  2. The ways in which the local user group in Nigeria used the cultural diversity and ethnic rifts as a strength to record success.
  3. How such practices can bring more success on the global audience.
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10 - 15 slides

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