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Submission no. 20
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Evaluate projects: GLAM statistical tool

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Ilario Valdelli and Debora Lopomo
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Wikimedia CH

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Length of session

30 minutes

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GLAM stat tool - screenshot

Wikimedia Switzerland started two years ago to develop a specific tool to measure the impact of the projects GLAM for the GLAM themselves and for Wikimedia Switzerland.

The version 1.2 is out and now there is time to share this experience and to define the next steps. The concept and the mockups were presented already in Paris (European GLAMwiki Coordinators meetup 2017), this time there will be a presentation of the tool already developed and released in production.

The tool is structured as a dashboard and analyzes the data of a specific category giving back 4 types of analysis:

  • Category network
  • User contribution
  • Usage of files
  • Number of views

The format will be that of a discussion where all participants can have an active role and can test, check and give their feedback.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. what is GLAM statistical tool and how it works,
  2. what GLAM statistical tool measures
  3. What are the advantages to use the GLAM statistical tool
  4. More specific knowledge about what GLAM are interested to measure
  5. The potential use of a tool for their projects in their own country
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