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Submission no. 23
Title of the submission
French Glam project : Overview and strategy

Author(s) of the submission
Xavier Cailleau
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Wikimédia France

Type of session
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25-30 min.
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It has been a long time since Wikimedia France wanted to offer GLAM partnerships the place it deserves to be. The association has been reorganized and GLAM partnerships have become a priority and a project in its own right. This talk is an opportunity for us to present, beyond an overview of GLAM partnerships in France, the uncompromising assessment on our partnerships made at the end of 2017.
The GLAM project started from there and harmonized since then with 2030 strategy goals. After a redefinition adapted to the French context of the GLAM domain, we have set up a strategy inspired by some flagship partnerships already in progress as with the Archives nationales, the champs libres, the ville de Toulouse, the Wikimuseum and real opportunities as with the Latmos, the CNES and the BIS. This work, permitted us, for example, to understand the importance of a Wikipedian in residence or to draw key areas of work to achieve our goals: the choice of the partnerships, the interlocutors, the diversification of the activities or the creation of a GLAM "network" with our partners ...

This presentation of an emerging project has the advantage of proposing a recent vision of an analysis process. That implicitly ask the strategic but also pragmatic and basic questions about the work of a chapter around the GLAM theme and propose food for thought: how can such a chapter review fundamental strategies ? Which means to use ? What are the real questions to ask ? What are the necessary human resources ? Who are our partners ? How and why adapt to them ?

We will have the pleasure to share with the community this experience which give rise to fascinating questions, some common and others more specific to each of our cultural environments.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. An overview of french Glam actions, analysis, statistics, partners feedbacks.
  2. A presentation of our new (first real) strategy and how and why we have processed.
  3. Concrete examples of diverse types of collaborations.
  4. An idea of french cultural environment specificities.
  5. Food for thought about basic and strategic questions.
  6. What can be the role of a chapter like Wikimedia France to partners ?

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The talk will be given with slides presentation
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