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GLAMTLV2018/Submissions/Guerilla GLAM to build Punjabi Wikisource

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Submission no. 31
Title of the submission
Guerilla GLAM to build Punjabi Wikisource

Author(s) of the submission
  • Stalinjeet Brar
  • Satdeep Gill

E-mail address
  • Stalindod@gmail.com
  • Satdeepgill@gmail.com
Country of origin


Affiliation, if any (organisation, company etc.)

Punjabi Wikimedians User Group

Type of session
  • Talk (the usual conference, format. 30 min)
Length of session

30 min

Ideal number of attendees


We intend to share the story of a Guerilla GLAM that we are currently doing at a library to digitize public domain books. We have digitized 4 books as of now and it was tough to get context on some of them.

This is going to be very beneficial for Research scholars who have to physically go the library every day to access these books. Although, Punjabi Wikisource is still in its infancy but with projects like this, we will soon be able to reach a wide Punjabi audience especially Punjabi diaspora.

We found some manuscripts and had a hard time to figure out the year of publication to ensure that they are Public Domain.

Link for the books under the Guerilla GLAM are as follow-

What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. How Guerilla GLAM can be useful to liberate Public domain works.
  2. Learn about the problems we are facing while we are doing this.

Slides or further information
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