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Submission no. 46
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Let's sum all GLAM results
Estimate of GLAM Results by Alex Stinson

Author(s) of the submission
Ivana Guslarević & Shani Evenstein
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Republic of Serbia, Israel
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Panel participants
Length of session
45 minutes
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How many files on Wikimedia Commons are content donation from GLAM institutions around the world? How many articles Wikipedians in residence from all around the world have created from the start of the WIR program? Where can we find global GLAM results easily, if we want to present them to the potential new partners? Although GLAMWiki has been around for almost a decade now, established in many countries, with a variety of projects and initiative, and a huge impact over our movement, to date, our community does not have one place that curates all the work being done and measures our impact. This panel will discuss why it is important that we measure our impact globally, discuss what should be measured, as well as how do we go about making this curation dream a reality.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  • A good understanding of the importance of measuring our impact globally
  • A discussion on what's important that we measure
  • Starting a plan collaboratively on how to achieve this goal
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