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Title of the submission
Movement Strategy Working Group members meetup

Author(s) of the submission
Kaarel (talk)
E-mail address
Country of origin
Affiliation, if any (organisation, company etc.)
Movement Strategy Process Core Team

Type of session
Length of session
Approx 1 hour
Ideal number of attendees


As there is a good presence of Movement Strategy Process Working Groups' members present at the conference, it makes sense to meet up and discuss:

  • Current status of the process
  • Common problems and solutions to them in the Working Groups
  • Good practices across the groups
  • What are the next steps and how we move forward?
What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. Sharing of experiences and learning from each other
  2. Mapping out common problems and finding solutions to them
  3. Shared understanding regarding the general process and concrete next steps
Discussion summary
  • Core Team is providing more administrative support to the Working Groups and is looking into option of external facilitation.
  • The level of work done between the calls needs to be improved and will create more progress.
  • There needs to be more guidance for scoping for some groups - it makes sense to share best practices from different groups.
  • There needs to be awareness of inclusion of different voices to ensure that diversity of perspectives is taken into account when building movement strategy.
  • There is no certain guarantee that the recommendations will be fully implemented, but there seems to be good faith on all of the sides at the moment.
  • Community input is important and for this reason the Core Team is looking into translation possibilities and will run an extensive community consultation cycle once there are scoping drafts from the groups.

Interested attendees[edit]

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