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Title of the submission
Redefining Open:Wikimedia and the National Library of Wales

Author(s) of the submission
Jason Evans, National Wikimedian and Dr Dafydd Tudur, Head of Digital Access at the National Library of Wales
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National Library of Wales

Type of session
Panel (2 panelists, sharing time to discuss a topic, without a facilitator)
Length of session
30 minutes
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No limit


In 2013 the National Library of Wales adopted the policy of not claiming ownership of copyright in digital reproductions of public domain works and encouraging the re-use of digitised collections. In 2015 a new Wikipedian in Residence began on a journey which would reshape and redefine the Library's approach to open access, eventually leading to the appointment of a full time, permanent Wikimedian. From tentative beginnings to full and sustainable integration of Wikimedia activities, this discussion explores the opportunities of library collaboration with Wikimedia from the perspective of both management and Wikimedian.

Dr Dafydd Tudur, Head of Digital Access, and Jason Evans, the National Library of Wales's National Wikimedian, will discuss how the Library's collaboration with Wikimedia evolved over time, how impacts aligned with the Library’s core mission. From Edit-a-thons to media releases and volunteer programs, discover how the Library embedded Wiki-based activities into its long term strategy. The speakers will discuss Wikidata’s role in the culture sector, highlighting some of the data-sharing projects they have undertaken with the help of their Wikidata visiting scholar. Learn how working with Wikimedia has led to partnerships and collaboration opportunities within Wales and beyond, and how the Library supports the Welsh government’s strategy for the Welsh language through Wikimedia projects. The session will highlight recent projects including the collaboration with Europeana in the use of its Impact Playbook to design, measure and narrate the impact of the Library's sharing of the digitised Welsh Portrait Collection and the ambitious project to add the sum of all Welsh literary works to Wikidata.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. An insight into Wikimedia collaboration and open access policy from the perspective of the GLAM institution
  2. A model for a sustainable Wikimedia partnership
  3. An understanding of the impact of Wikimedia collaboration
  4. Knowledge of engagement opportunities
  5. Inspiration for data and image sharing projects
  6. An understanding of the importance of measuring and demonstrating impact
  7. A model for bilingual Wikimedia collaberation
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