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Submission no. 66
Title of the submission
Starting (and continuing) the conversation: identifying and meeting the needs of GLAMs

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Merrilee Proffitt
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OCLC Research

Type of session
Length of session
90 minutes
Ideal number of attendees

[This was originally proposed for a 90 minute session -- we will do our best with 30 minutes! Please bring your ideas for how to engage with GLAM professionals! This will carry on from the session presented by Asaf Bartov earlier in the conference.]
Wikimedia projects have so much to offer GLAM professionals -- we can help improve access to and discoverability of their collections, and help them find new ways to engage with and reach the communities they serve. Similarly, GLAMs professionals have much offer Wikimedia projects -- we benefit from their professional and community networks, their deep subject expertise, and their reputations as stewards of culture, education, and information literacy. However, not all GLAMs are alike; the best ambassadors of our projects understand not only the role and mission of the institution but also the distinct functions of individuals within that organization. Furthermore, We are not Them! The 2007 article by Oded Nov "What Motivates Wikipedians" illustrates that Wikimedians value qualities like "fun" and devalue qualities that relate to career and meeting the expectations of others. Good ambassadors do research to understand the institution in context, seek to understand what motivates and challenges professionals within an institution, and are curious and interested listeners. Those who are skilled at building relationships recognize that things that motivate volunteer Wikimedians (things like "fun" and the altruism of helping others) may not be shared by professional colleagues (who may motivated by learning skills that can practically be applied in their jobs).
Drawing from the principles of the Wikipedia + Libraries project of “meet people where they are,” this this workshop will give attendees some tools for approaching GLAMs. We will work in small groups and practice refining our interviewing, researching and pitching skills. Attendees will be encouraged to nominate institutions to be used as case studies in advance. Attendees will also be encouraged to share successes (and failures) in partnerships so that we can all learn together. Bring your open minds and inquisitive spirits.
What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. Skills to be able to customize messages to particular audiences.
  2. Develop conversations that go beyond "talking to", and become "talking with"
  3. Curiosity about what motivates our GLAM professional allies, and reflecting on how our projects can help them meet their goals as well as our own.
Slides or further information
materials will be provided closer to the date of the conference.
Special requests
Projector, screen, flip charts.

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