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Submission no. 73
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The seven habits of highly effective uploads

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Arne Wossink
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Wikimedia Nederland

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30 min.
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The seven habits of highly effective people uploads!

Uploading GLAM collections to Wikimedia is just a small part of what an effective GLAM-Wiki cooperation is all about. But it is very often a starting point for other activities, and as such it is a very important part where it pays off to do it right the first time.

I will draw on 7 specific content donations by Dutch GLAMs to identify 7 shared characteristics of effective uploads. Not all of these content donations may have been successful from the perspective of the donating GLAM, or that of the Wikimedia movement. But all of them offer the opportunity to learn something about how we can improve our cooperation with GLAMs.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. They will learn about 7 interesting content donations by Dutch GLAMs, the 6th of which will blow your mind! ;)
  2. By sharing the characteristics of successful uploads, attendees will be better able to identify uploads that could be problematic. This is especially useful in a setting where time, resources and/or staff/volunteers are limited, and where tough decisions need to be made to prioritize content donations.
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