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Submission no. 48
Title of the submission
Tool building and the GLAM-Wiki community

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Edward Betts
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United Kingdom
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Director of Internet Archive UK

Type of session
Length of session
45 minutes
Ideal number of attendees

Tool for linking OSM and Wikidata:

The GLAM community can benefit from tools for semi-automated editing.

An editing tool could be used to assist in matching catalogue record subject headings with Wikidata items. Collection of paintings or photos of artefacts uploaded to Wikimedia Commons are more useful when linked up with the appropriate Wikidata items.

Matching via a fully automated process is likely to result in errors. A better approach is to generate a list of candidate matches and load that into an editing tool where a human can approve or reject each match.

I will describe some of the editing tools that I've built and how the same techniques can be useful for GLAM.

Wikidata and OpenStreetMap are collaborative open data projects that contain structured data for real world places and things. Adding links between the projects makes the data more useful, but doing this by hand is laborious. I plan to show a software tool that automates much of the process.

Another of tools is Find Link, it is a system for adding links between articles in Wikipedia. Given an article title it will find other articles that could link to it. It works by using the Wikipedia search engine, then filtering out results that already include a link.

I plan to talk about how to design and deploy editing tools and how such systems are useful for GLAM.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. An appreciation of how different collaborative open data projects can work together.
  2. An understanding of the role of software assisted editing.
  3. What is involved with building tools for Wiki editing.
Slides or further information

My talk will includes slides and live demos.

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