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Submission no. 95
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What can we do when a museum burns down? Managing GLAM crisis and opportunities for protecting knowledge

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João Alexandre Peschanski, Paulo Santos Perneta and Andrew Lih
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Brazil and Portugal
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30-60 min

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On 2 September, disaster struck the National Museum of Brazil: a massive fire devastated the building and its extensive holdings.... This panel will present two perspectives of what our GLAM-Wiki community can learn from this case and also a first attempt to think of best practices associated to this kind of situation.

On the one hand, the National Museum case reminds us of the challenges emerging communities in the Global South face in order to contribute to the projects. A key question here is to make sense of the structural pitfalls Wikimedians in poorer countries face in order to be able to establish partnerships, run collection uploads, etc.

On the other hand, the National Museum case is an opportunity for discussing what guidelines and recommendations we can distill from this kind of incidents. The strategy we will adopt is to present decisions and actions we took as we ran the process of building collaboratively content on this cultural institution. And then with the audience design think on best practices and recommendations for the movement at large.

Decisions and actions we will describe include:

Each one of these steps can contribute to spark discussions and inform design thinking on a how we should deal with emergency episodes with GLAMs.

The expected format, thought indicated here as a panel, should be more seen as an open discussion, as we hope we can learn collectively from, so share on, this case.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. An understanding of the case of the National Museum, from Brazil.
  2. A space for discussing recommendations and guidelines to eventually work on a typical process for GLAM emergencies.
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