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Wiki in the Service of Poetry

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Ofra Hod

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30 minutes
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Four years ago I started designing an index for poetery translations to Hebrew and today I am the proud admin of a moderately used and appreciated index. The typical user of my index is a translator who is NOT a poetry translator. Think of a translator who is translating a book or a film where a few lines from some poem appear. In such cases the practice is to reuse an existing translation of that poem rather than translating it anew.

To support this practice I created a wiki site - - that currently lists more than 800 poetry books. The index holds data about the poems, the poets and the translators, but not the lyrics. In my presentation I will introduce the small but growing community of users and contributors. I would then like to present some directions for future activity and the challenges involved.

First, there is the obvious effort to complete the index. I estimate that we have already covered about 80% of the Hebrew poetry translations published in books. However, we have a huge gap in poetry translations published in journals, and there is the challenge of keeping up with all new publications. Then there is the familiar challenge of reaching out and growing awareness and engagement.

Regarding the scope of the project, I often wonder if it is time to break free from the Hebrew framework and go for a global index of poetery translations from any language to any language. A less anbitious feat would be to create similar standalone projects in other languages. I will offer to contribute from my experience to anyone in the audience who would want to start one.

Last, I will touch on the issue of structured data, possible interfaces with wikidata and potential uses.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. Inspiration and tips for starting similar projects
  2. Ideas for collaboration with my project
  3. Opportunity to educate me about tools and practices (probably after the talk)
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