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GLAMTLV2018/Submissions/rephotography - adding a new dimension to photographs

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Submission no. 62
Title of the submission
rephotography - adding a new dimension to photographs

Author(s) of the submission

User:Puik, User:Susannaanas

E-mail address


Country of origin

Estonia, Finland

Affiliation, if any (organisation, company etc.)

Type of session

Talk & Workshop (can be attended separately)

Length of session

30 + 30 min

Ideal number of attendees

no limit for talk, 15 for workshop



Screen shot from Ajapaik – map of part of Tallinn old town (with St Nicholas Church in the middle). All the arrows represent individual geotagged photos, blue arrows are images that have a rephotograph.

In the talk we want to share our 7 year experience of building the platform and engaging the users and also present the results of our rephotography track for the Wiki Loves Monuments 2018 competition in collaboration with Wikimedia Finland.

Ajapaik is an open source crowdsourcing geotagging and rephotography platform developed by Estonian Photographic Heritage Society. Most of the content (126k+ images) on the platform is from Estonian public collections (retrieved through the APIs of repositories, for instance Muis.ee hosting Estonian museums' collections), but there is also considerable amount of images from Finland and Norway and other countries. The central idea is to enable map based access to pictorial content that is currently mostly only searchable by text. By May 2018 almost 73k images have been geotagged by users on Ajapaik. When geotagging is the first task then rephotography comes next as in order to rephotograph historic images we need to know where exactly the photographer was standing and which direction the camera was pointed to. In 2018 Ajapaik published new version of its android rephotography app.

Workshop: Hands-on photowalk to rephotograph historic photos taken around the venue. Participants can ask questions and test how rephotography with Ajapaik (Android) actually works. Workshop and talk are designed so that the participant can participate in both or just one of them.

Ajapaik rephoto walk in Helsinki with schoolchildren on March 1st, 2018
What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. in-wiki guide on how to make a rephotography event
  2. hands-on-experience with rephotography
  3. rephotography gallery for the venue
Slides or further information
  1. Ajapaik website: https://ajapaik.ee
  2. Ajapaik Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ee.ajapaik.android
  3. Github: https://github.com/Ajapaik/Android-app
Special requests

To install Ajapaik Android participants will need an Android phone. We will have some extra Android phones for those who don't have an Android phone.

The localization of Ajapaik Android rephotography app takes place on Translatewiki, the hebrew translation is currently missing, contribution is most welcome!

We need historic imagery from Tel Aviv and people who can help with geotagging before the workshop. There is an album with historic pictures of Tel Aviv from the Estonian National Archives collection, can somebody point us to other available sets of images (on Commons or elsewhere)?

Interested attendees[edit]

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