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GLAM Macedonia User Group/2016

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This is a report for activities performed by GLAM Macedonia User Group in 2016.

Wiki Clubs[edit]

The flyer printed for Wiki Club
All together in the end of the first day of Wiki Club session in the Museum of Macedonian struggle in Skopje
First day in the Wiki Club in the Museum of Macedonian struggle in Skopje

The first Wiki Club in Macedonia was establish in the Museum of Macedonian struggle in Skopje. First day of Wiki Club was 19th October 2016. We have students coming from 5 schools from Skopje, all coming from different part of the city, most of them by bus, using their free time. We are going with "baby steps" for now, and we are struggling for computers there: first day we worked with only two laptop computers. After Violetova's appearance in one famous TV Show, where she spoke about Wikipedia and Wiki Club in particular, she asked audience for donation of used computers. Till now, we received as a donation 5 used computers (desktop), but only one is a set: with monitor, mouse, keyboard, and USB WiFi adapter. We hope that we will find a way to complete the other desktop computers.

We established a collaboration with a school in Dračevo, which works as department of the Wiki Club in the Museum. Our member Violetova visits once in a week to teach the students on how to edit Wikipedia. GLAM Macedonia User Group got a request from Tetovo school to send Wikipedian to teach their students about Wikipedia. Our Board member MB is in contact with the officials of the school. This group of new editors in Tetovo delay the first working day, due to some technical problems with the internet in the school. But we hope that the first working day will be hold soon.

Till the 4th January 2017 at noon, we have 50 new editors, 71 new articles and 141 edited articles.


Members of Wiki Club in Macedonia, on edit-a-thon
Members of Wiki Club in Macedonia, on edit-a-thon about Karpoš Municipality
  • Our first edit-a-thon organized with Wiki Club members, held on 1st of December 2016. Seven students were participants. The theme of the edit-a-thon was: Karpoš Municipality. The texts for this edit-a-thon were provided by Karpoš Municipality officials. We have agreement with the Karpoš Municipality officials to hold a formal event, when the students will get the certificates, and will have an opportunity to meet the Mayor of Karpoš Municipality. We are waiting for the exact date for this announced event.

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