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GLAM Macedonia User Group/Strategic plan 2022-2025

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GLAM Macedonia’s 2022-2025 Strategic Plan outlines the main strategic goals of the organization for the given timeline period. Moreover, it provides an overview of the scope of the programmes and activities organized and supported by GLAM Macedonia.


This plan is prepared as a collaboration process of the members of GLAM Macedonia. The plan covers the proposals, expectations and needs of our community members related to the general Wikimedia Movement within the Macedonian Wiki Community. As an upgrade of the previous 2018-2022 GLAM Macedonia Strategic Plan, this plan expands the scope and goals of the community.


Our vision is to follow the Wikimedia Foundation strategic plan and also to follow the idea of open knowledge, and incorporate them in the plan that suits the movement in the Republic of Macedonia. Moreover, our plan for the near future is to become a chapter of Wikimedia in Macedonia, having in mind that the Macedonian chapter is dis-functional. Additionally, we plan to expand our activities out of the scope of GLAM, as we have plans and visions to do more regarding the other areas of Wikimedia movement.

Strategic Objectives[edit]

Strategic objectives for the period of next three years:

  • Expending Volunteers Community and Volunteers’ Work
  • Media Coverage and Partnership
  • Improving GLAM Institutions’ Partnerships
  • Improving collaboration with education institutions
  • Community Growth and Capacity Development
Expending Volunteers Community and Volunteers’ Work

Volunteerism is one of the core principles which the Wikimedia Movement is based on. Therefore, GLAM Macedonia’s basic goal is expanding and improving its number of volunteers and active participants of GLAM Macedonia’s activities and programs. Moreover, the organization’s goal in terms of this objective is to attract as more volunteers as it can, enriching and providing more activities where the volunteers can take part in. Among the other things, regarding the improvement of this objective, GLAM Macedonia will be trying to:

Improve and enrich the activities, such as workshops, wiki tours, editing tutorships and editing competitions, which are seen as a good activities for involving many volunteers – new and old volunteers,
Organizing Wiki Camps and outdoor activities of larger size which can involve volunteers of different age and background,
Collaboration with volunteer-friendly organizations and institutions for promotion of the volunteerism as a concept,
Media Coverage and Partnership

Media Coverage of the Wikimedia Movement and GLAM Macedonia’s scope of work is also found as a very important factor for promotion of the Movement’s Principles, its scope of work and goals. Improvement of the presence of GLAM Macedonia’s activities and programs in the media shall be seen as a task for accomplishment for the next period, primarily through:

Collaboration with media and covering of the activities of the organization for informing the general population of the organization’s results and goals,
Volunteering and supporting activities and programs of mutual benefits, for the media and the organization,
Organizing training sessions and workshops with media personnel in order to familiarize them with the concepts of the Movement and how its projects work,
Maintaining and improving the organization’s media channels, their promotion and improving the presence of organization in the general media space of the country.
Improving GLAM Institutions’ Partnerships

GLAM Macedonia’s success in terms of collaboration with Macedonian GLAM Institution is excellent and so far it proved to be very productive for the benefits of the general Wiki Community and population of the country. The free knowledge gathered from these institutions and transferred to the Wikimedia Projects is of wider use for the general population of Macedonia. As our principle program, GLAM Macedonia’s plan for improvement of this object will be assured via:

Signing memoranda for collaboration with GLAM Institutions that we have not worked with so far, especially institutions with specific nature and scope of work,
Organizing and realizing workships, wiki tours, training sessions with volunteers and members in the collaboration with these GLAM Institutions,
Initiation new projects and activities for improving the content of Wikimedia Projects,
Actively involving employees of these institutions as volunteers or active members in the organization,
Maintaining the excellent collaboration with GLAM Institutions that we have been working in the past by starting new activities that result with content improvement and volunteers engagement.
Improving collaboration with education institutions

The other key program of GLAM Macedonia is the education program. GLAM Macedonia is very proud to announce that its success improved significantly, not only GLAM Macedonia’s results, but the overall content of Wikipedia. Moreover, thanks to GLAM Macedonia’s efforts, Wikimedia Projects are nowadays more present in the education process in Macedonia, especially in the schools covered by these activities. The 15+ active teachers serving as GLAM Macedonia’s education coordinators in their schools additionally enriches the program, which gives excellent results. The goal for the next period is:

to initiate and establish collaboration with at least 10 new schools or education institutions,
improving the quantity and quality of the Wiki Clubs,
starting at least 10 new wiki clubs in Macedonia,
Organizing Wiki Camps that will gather students from different schools and background,
Doubling the teachers’ conferences and actively involving the teachers in the organizations activities,
Training new teachers and improving the existing ones so they become trainers and spread the basic concepts of Wikipedia and its content improvement.
Community Growth and Capacity Development

Tightly connected to the first objective, the community growth and the capacity of the organization are the basic concepts for long-term successful working and operating of the organization. Therefore, seen as such, the organization plans to improve and double it capacity in order to spread the goals and ideas of the Movement among the general Macedonian population. It can be achieved by:

Organizing editing competitions and edit-a-thons, which serves as an excellent tool for improving the content and getting to know each other better,
Organizing activities or events where all members and supports of the Organization can contribute with ideas and proposals,
Establishing connections and collaborations with non-GLAM target groups for improving the community and its scope of work.