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GLAM Wiki Conference 2023
Montevideo, Uruguay
November 16–18, 2023

Scholarship applications open![edit]

Applications for scholarships are now open. Check the Scholarship application questions and submit your application until June 30, end of day anywhere on Earth. Submit your application through the submission form.

About the GLAM Wiki Conference[edit]

Introducing the GLAM Wiki Conference—an extraordinary international gathering that unites cultural heritage professionals (from Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums, and beyond), with vibrant Wikimedia communities.

Exciting news from Uruguay! Wikimedistas de Uruguay, in collaboration with other chapters from the region, is taking the lead in organizing the remarkable GLAM Wiki Conference, scheduled to take place in Montevideo, Uruguay, from November 16–18, 2023.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in our survey, lending us invaluable support. We are thrilled to announce that the grant proposal is now available on GLAM Wiki: The Culture, Heritage and Wikimedia Conference 2023. Your valuable feedback and suggestions are highly encouraged and can be shared on the Discussion page.

We are currently working with the Scholarship & Program Committee on announcing scholarship applications and program submissions.

As we continue to gather more details, this page will be regularly updated. Our intention is to host an event that seamlessly incorporates online elements, although a full hybrid event may not be feasible within our current capacity. Stay tuned for further updates and prepare to be amazed!


Attention: The Survey Has Concluded!

Calling all enthusiasts of the upcoming conference! We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who participated in shaping the event by completing the Conference Engagement survey before January 15th, 2023. Your invaluable responses have been instrumental in refining our proposal and tailoring the event to meet the diverse needs of the GLAM Wiki community.

We are thrilled by the overwhelming support and enthusiasm displayed throughout the survey period. Your active participation has not only amplified the voice of our community but has also paved the way for an extraordinary conference experience. Together, we have laid the foundation for an event that promises to be truly exceptional.

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to each and every one of you who contributed to this crucial survey. Your insights, suggestions, and preferences will shape the conference and ensure that it delivers maximum value to our esteemed participants. Your unwavering dedication is truly commendable.

As we conclude this survey phase, we eagerly anticipate the next steps in organizing the conference. The invaluable feedback provided by the community will guide our decision-making process, helping us curate an event that embraces the spirit of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and community growth.

Once again, thank you for your enthusiastic engagement in this transformative endeavor. Stay tuned for further updates and exciting announcements as we progress towards the remarkable conference we are collectively building.


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