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Logo GLAM Wiki Conference 2023 ID: M001 Music on Wikimedia projects
Facilitators/Speakers: Akbar Ali, Rute Correia Time block: Morning Beginning: 11:45
Location: Auditorium Duration: 30 min

In this session, you will learn about the Malayalam Mala Project (from Kerala, India) and One Year of Wiki Loves Música Portuguesa: how a thematic campaign helped create a strategic path for GLAM at Wikimedia Portugal.

The Malayalam Mala Project is a Wikimedia initiative to collect and preserve the lyrics of Malayalam malas, which are traditional songs of praise sung by Muslims in Kerala. Malas are a rich part of Kerala's cultural heritage, and they provide a unique way to learn about the history and traditions of the region. The Malayalam Mala Project is part of the GLAM project in Kerala, which is a larger initiative to digitize and preserve Kerala's cultural heritage. The Malayalam Mala Project collected the lyrics from a variety of sources, including manuscripts, published works, and oral tradition. The lyrics will be transcribed into Unicode and uploaded to Wikisource.To bring these malas to life, the project encouraged singers from the local community to record and share their renditions of these odes. These audio recordings will be made available in Wikimedia Commons, ensuring wider accessibility and preserving these traditional melodies for future generations.

The campaign Wiki Loves Música Portuguesa launched in November 2022. The project was developed as an aggregator: on one hand, it would leverage the ongoing Wikimedian residency at NOVA FCSH; on the other hand, the wide scope of the project could enhance other partnerships for Wikimedia Portugal, particularly regarding cultural heritage. Indeed, the initiative sparked multiple partnerships with other institutions, including Portugal's national public service broadcaster, amongst others, revolutionizing the work at WMPT. In this session, we will showcase our biggest achievements, reflect on the biggest challenges we faced and get feedback from the GLAM Wiki community on how we can do better.

Experience level: Begginer
Keywords: Content uploads & workflows, Wikimedia campaigns, Partnership building (GLAM Wiki collaborations, etc.), Good practices on digital heritage, Oral history and documentation
Notes: #GLAMWiki23M001
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