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GLAM Wiki 2023/Program/Towards a Recommendation on Open Culture - What, When, How?

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Logo GLAM Wiki Conference 2023 ID: 2068 Towards a Recommendation on Open Culture - What, When, How?
Facilitators/Speakers: Brigitte Vézina Time block: Morning Beginning: 9:00
Location: 410 Duration: 45 min

Creative Commons’ Towards a Recommendation on Open Culture (TAROC) is a community initiative aiming to develop an international policy framework to recognize the importance of and support global open sharing of culture. As we build this initiative, we are seeking community engagement from GLAM professionals.

In September last year, UNESCO declared culture a global public good at Mondiacult 2022. With the successes of the 2019 UNESCO Recommendation on Open Educational Resources and 2021 Recommendation on Open Science, the world looks to UNESCO’s leadership to create the necessary international framework that would unlock the possibilities of equitable, ethical, and respectful sharing of cultural heritage in the digital age: a UNESCO Recommendation on Open Culture.

In this session, we will present our work around the initiative thus far and what we plan next. We will also hold space to hear from participants in Latin America about how open culture experiences in the region could help inform this international initiative.

Read more about TAROC in English, Shqip, français, Español, 日本語, Türkçe, italiano, عربي on our Open Culture Resources page.

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Keywords: Advocacy & Policy, Regional, global strategy & networking
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