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GLAM Wiki 2023/Program/Understanding the Impact of Image Contributions to Commons

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Logo GLAM Wiki Conference 2023 ID: 2242 Understanding the Impact of Image Contributions to Commons
Facilitators/Speakers: Virginia Poundstone, Fiona Romeo Time block: Afternoon Beginning: 13:45
Location: 410 Duration: 1 hr 45 min

Historically, the Wikimedia Foundation has provided minimal support to affiliates and the wider movement for impact data and metrics. This limited support often pushed affiliates and the movement to find their own solutions, with multiple affiliates and volunteers making their own tools, data backups, and visualizations. We now have inconsistent definitions of impact metrics, gaps and errors in the data, and tools that can’t scale or be consistently maintained. These issues have been repeatedly highlighted by the GLAM Wiki community.

The absence of reliable tools and data can make it difficult for Wikimedians in Residence, affiliates, and GLAM professionals to access the resources they need to continue, or increase, their contributions to Wikimedia projects. But the Wikimedia movement needs these partnerships in order to address the significant visual knowledge gaps on our projects.

In this session, we will come together to build a shared understanding of what metrics matter most for Wikimedia Commons contributors, with a particular focus on culture and heritage.

Part I: Three invited perspectives on the need for improved Commons metrics: an affiliate, a partner, and a Wiki Loves campaign organizer Part II: The Foundation’s work-in-progress on Commons metrics Part III: Going beyond views—what are the new metrics you need to understand your impact? (interactive prioritization exercise)

  • Participants will understand that the Wikimedia Foundation is working on metrics for Commons, with a focus on GLAM needs
  • Participants will test an early demo and provide feedback
  • Participants will know how to share ongoing feedback on the metrics project as it develops
  • Participants will have some new ways of thinking about the impact of image contributions to Wikimedia projects
Experience level: Intermediate
Keywords: Partnership building (GLAM Wiki collaborations, etc.), Tech, platforms & tools
Notes: #GLAMWiki232242
Next session: Using the Campaign Product Event Registration Tools