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GLAMcamp Amsterdam/Proposalfop

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In the group on Freedom of Panorama, we created this text. We would like to submit it to the GLAMcamp Amsterdam to accept it as a common GLAMcamp resolution. We then would like to post it on mailing lists. Please tell us if you have a serious concern. --Ziko 14:38, 3 December 2011 (UTC)[reply]

Proposal about Freedom of Panorama:

At the GLAMcamp in Amsterdam (December 2011) a group of Wikimedians discussed on problems of Freedom of Panorama. There are many problems, depending on the individual countries. But because we were no lawyers, we concentrated on the mains problems of the Wikimedia movement as a whole.

  • First problem: In a specific case, the Wikimedians are sometimes not sure which national law system (or systems) has to be respected. For example, Freedom of Panorama in Germany allows you usually to publish a picture of a modern statue in public space. But in the USA this is valid only for buildings.
  • Second problem: When we talk about one specific country, how do we interpret the law? Who exactly can do that?
  • Third problem: If it comes to lobbying, maybe the most chapters think that lobbying is a good thing. The Wikimedia Foundation usually does not lobby. But the US law is important for the whole Wikimedia movement.
  • Fourth problem: The Wikimedia movement as a whole is working on the base of a common mission. Our politics should be based on that mission. So it is good to have a common view on Freedom of Panorama, to have coherent politics. But we do not have it.

We think that these issues are important to solve, because they create uncertainty, and they may hinder our mission.

So what could be the next step? Is there an entity that can organize a Wikimedia discussion (online or in real life) on issues around Freedom of Panorama? Maybe even with a common paper as a result?