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This page is kept for historical interest. Its content is outdated or may be wrong.

You may find more up-to-date information on the website.

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This is part of the Historical Wikipedia pages collection.

Instead of describing an entire DTD in detail, we should add tags to this ``example XML layout until we think everything is covered.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
<!DOCTYPE article SYSTEM "preliminaryDTD0.01">
<id>the-unique-id-for-this-article (assigned)</id>
  <name>Mike Warren</name>
  <name>Someone Else</name>
<date>January 19, 2001</date>
<abstract>This is an abstract.</abstract>
<title>A Title</title>
<subtitle>A Sub Title</subtitle>
This is some content. It goes on and on, and doesn't
really care about what is says. Paragraphs split with
a blank line. 
Like this; I am a new paragraph. I'm pretty short, though.
<subtitle>Another Sub Section</subtitle>
I am some more content. My purpose is to demonstrate some
of the semantic hint tags which we might include. <name>Someone
Else</name> might have a name, associated with a birthday (like,
say, <date>April 13, 1977</date>). They might have been born
in a place such as <place>Calgary, Alberta</place> which 
doesn't have to be a full, canonical place-name.

It might be interesting to specify <jargon>jargon</jargon>
in the content. One might even have a footnote, defined inline
<footnote>This footnote would actually be rendered in a manner
considered good for the medium. For example, at the bottom of 
a printed page.</footnote>.
Although complicated, adding inline LaTeX would be a very
nice future feature:
References are a little harder, but defining those inline
as well might be best, as for the GPL
<author>Richard Stallman</author>
<title>General Public License</title>

<edit date="January 20, 2001" author="Mike Warren>">
A context diff on the <content> appears here...