GPG Signing Party List

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  • Time: To be discussed (the workshop about GPG will be Saturday, August , 2005, 9:30 am)
  • Location: Room E12

I'd like everyone who wants to join us to the GPG Signing Party to enter here his Name, His KeyID and His Fingerprint. The goal is to have all people in here with their (possibly more than one) GPG-Key. On the Party we will identify everyone with some proof of identity (Drivers License, Passport, ID-Card...) so all people can sign the keys of each other.

See also: GPG Keysigning party HOWTO, Wikibooks abstract

Name KeyID Expiry Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Fingerprint Proof of ID Proofed by Workshop
Hanno 'Rince' Wagner C26EE891 never 7D C1 01 72 75 22 01 4F 6F 08 06 49 1B 02 4A A6 ID-Card (Personalausweis) Yes
Hanno 'Rince' Wagner A6AF72B6 2006-01-01 19CA CAEE 90F7 F32D 019C 544D 9745 5F75 A6AF 72B6 ID-Card (Personalausweis) Yes
Jörg Hoh 3D35F052 never D1BE 19E1 2C7C 5C21 C6E5 FDA4 EB17 4C20 3D35 F052 ID-Card (Personalausweis) Yes
Florian Prischl 1C33016C never D5E2 CC74 A91D 2A18 69AA 2839 5878 998B 1C33 016C Passport (Reisepass) Yes
Alexander Schroeder 2D05B5D7 2005-06-23 C294 1256 AB41 1815 D9FE F488 873A 1D67 2D05 B5D7 Passport (Reisepass)
Kim Bruning EDDEAA07 never BA7F BF9D 8F70 6031 D9E4 14A1 AD0F 180F EDDE AA07 Passport, drivers licence Yes
Kim Bruning FEF9DD72 2009-08-04 5ED6 E215 73EE AD84 E03A 01C5 94AC 7B0E FEF9 DD72 Passport, drivers licence Yes
Eric Poscher 22B17200 never C64C 6D4D 8B47 8B15 8110 5C2B FBEE 591C 22B1 7200 ID Card
Christoph Warmbold 770DA418 never D4DD CF9D E02B 8DC4 72FC 103E 70F9 090F 770D A418 ID-Card (Personalausweis) Yes
Sam Hocevar 29499F61 never 1155 4B19 A50F 1136 6E60 A499 7CF3 F5AF 2949 9F61 Passport Yes
Sam Hocevar 88F88F8F never 41F3 CA36 E8BB F572 E99C DE25 260C 3548 88F8 8F8F Passport Yes
Nicolas Vilz E20018ED 2006-02-06 F3AC 06EE 6D1E F2E5 C5C0 273A 22C6 3872 E200 18ED Passport Yes
Michael Diederich 7E4E35AC never 47BD C652 4D8A 1E68 A065 1302 1DAB 5DF6 7E4E 35AC Passport Yes
Jimmy Wales 623D4997 2006-01-25 997B 591F 0D14 CB0F A0BF 3A70 3E65 3930 623D 4997 Passport Yes
Finne Boonen 2EAE7CC6 2007-08-06 149E 7DA1 1141 8F79 FBC9 CCD0 1A73 0991 2EAE 7CC6 Passport Yes
Tomaz Solc 184BF6AF never A183 2E5D 656C 6D03 2377 A323 B009 4095 184B F6AF Passport Yes
Florence Devouard 292CD10D never 5AD6 2859 BBCC BA4F D314 155D 1CFB CFBA 292C D10D Seen on the Workshop Yes
Thomas Braun 6CADCF3E never 387D 0ACB 6282 FCDD C66E 2C89 8EA9 BD31 6CAD CF3E Passport Yes