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Nullbook-main page.png
Author: en:User:SamatJain
Download: en:User:SamatJain/myskin.css

An article with NullBook

I do not like Monobook; I feel as if it wastes too much space on the screen, is difficult to read, and doesn't follow established web usability guidelines. Behold NullBook:

  • Fixed-position "tab bar", set to use GUI colors, that stays with you as you scroll down a page. The tab bar contains the contents of the "Views" menu, as well as the go/search box.
  • No font size definitions; uses your browser's default. Skin (mostly) scales well with font size changes.
  • Underlined links, and more recognizable link colors. Blue for unvisited links, purple for visited links, and green for broken (or uncreated) links. Moving over a link highlights it to red.
  • Removed sidebar to stop wasting vertical screen real-estate, and relocated it to the bottom of the page. Also hid the other languages list since I tend to only look at English Wikipedia articles.

To use Nullbook, set your Wikipedia/MediaWiki skin to "MySkin", then copy the contents of my myskin.css file to User:YourUserName/myskin.css. Notice that NullBook requires a CSS2 browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Opera, not MSIE6)