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Gender equity report 2018/Virtual community event

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Conversations with movement leaders

What are the most pressing issues currently facing the Wikimedia movement with respect to advancing gender equity? What strategies are effective for closing the gender gap in content and contributors? What work has already been done?

Join us for a virtual community event on October 9 to hear how 65 prominent leaders of gender equity projects responded to these and other questions. We'll discuss highlights from the recently published report, Advancing Gender Equity: Conversations with movement leaders, and share ways that you can support gender equity projects in your communities.

Join the event[edit]

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 at 1555-1700 UTC. Please join 5 minutes before the hour to allow for troubleshooting any technical issues.

  • Join the live video conference event through Blue Jeans software. This option will allow you to interact by voice during the workshop.

  • Participate in live polling during the event through Mentimeter software:

Discussion questions[edit]

  • Why are you here today? Why is it important to you to hear the perspectives of gender equity leaders?
  • Is there anything that surprised you in this report?
  • Is there anything that sounds really familiar to you?
  • What is, to you, the most important finding?
  • How can you see this report impacting or changing the work you do within Wikimedia?
  • What are 1, 2 or 3 next steps that you can take in the near future?