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Gender gap/Policy revolution

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This is a brainstorming space for policy change related to the gender gap. We might not be able to solve all the world's problems, but some things have to change.


This is where we can list concerns: things we think should change or things that can be improved on regarding sexualized images, homophobia, racism, imagery, etc.

  • Sexualized images on Commons lacking educational value
Not all images on Commons that fall in this category were intended to be "sexualized content" at the time of upload. Sometimes they are just poor judgement calls on the part of the uploader. For example, there are a few brave souls who uploaded bare-breasted photos of themselves to illustrate "mastectomy" and other conditions. In this particular case it would be useful to start efforts to upload new photos showing a little less breast on the non-mastectomy side, so that such photos can be used in projects where the use of that photo as is may be problematic. Similarly, photos of naked children on a European beach may be a problem for some projects, and so forth.
  • Better implementation of "identifiable people" policy
This is mostly for living people: if the person has been dead for more than 10 years, than it may not be an issue, if the image is from their early days and family members have not complained.
  • Discovering how TOS can be implemented - what do we do if we suffer harassment, TOS says it's not allowed, can admins do more?
This is an issue in many ongoing COI deletion discussions: most new contributors are at a complete loss where to go when they have *any* problem with interaction with a Wiki(p/m)ian.
  • Getting something in the TOS to say what to do and who to contact if something happens.
  • Includes stalking, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. and not just violations in article space.
  • TOS includes suggestions on what to do when someone fears copyright violation (email legal) so what do we do if we're harassed?
  • Not censored - over it! Grow up!
  • Gender-neutral language for titles and roles within the movement.
  • Implement a "minimize harm" policy.
    In cases where the subject or creator of an image asks for it to be taken down, a rules technicality should not be enough to keep it. The default response for an unused / low value image should be to remove it. The educational value of keeping it should be very clear for the request to be denied.
    I have seen a few cases of unkind interactions where someone is trying to vanish from the web, or insists a venue was private where someone else finds a legal loophole for it being public-enough; or didn't realize what publishing would mean for them... and asks for a photo to be removed. In most cases the photo has no usage, but the requester is treated with disrespect. This is not specific to one gender, but certainly makes for a low-compassion environment. SJ talk  22:01, 16 May 2013 (UTC)[reply]