Girls in ICT day 2017(Masunga Village)

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Girls in ICT day 2017(Masunga Village)-

-Girls in ICT 2017 at Masunga Senior school

Botswana Telecommunication Corporation (BTC) has once again shown commitment to improving the social development of young people throughtout the country Botswana.
As part of the international girs in ICT commemorations, BTC in partnership with the Ministry of Transport and communications and other stake holders took to the village of Masunga to celebrate the day.
The BTC staff partook in technogy awareness activities for students and residents in the village- including demontrating easy webtools for improved learning. To mark the significance of the day, the BTC team handed over the Masunga TeleCentre- which was constructed and fitted by the corporation-at a value of BWP 150 000- which included 20 computers, 1 printer and a wifi. The center is kitted with computers- and printers, for the villagers to use in connecting with the world trough BTC Wifi at any time

Wikipedia and the girls[edit]

Wikimedia and it's sister projects were introduced to the girls in ICT and a mini training which included account creation and shared slides about Wikipedia with them.


  1. Mabedi Nyepi
  2. Faith Daniel
  3. Anita Kore
  4. Aobakwe Dalaza
  5. Faith Seth
  6. Peaceful Wright
  7. Kutlwano Mmereki
  8. Lizibo Tiyapo
  9. Lame Moitaodi
  10. Oagile Matshoga
  11. Tothodzani Keneetswe
  12. Tshepiso Morupisi
  13. Olorato Kootshabe
  14. Chawada Sekepe
  15. Neo Boy
  16. Charmaine Mpagasiwa
  17. Courage Moyo
  18. Changu Bagopi
  19. Tshiamo Mosupe
  20. Ntunngwa Makopola

Challenges and opportunities[edit]


1. we had a problem with creating accounts, the network only allowed us to create only 6 accounts.


1. We had BTC giving us smart devices or laptops to use in our next training sessions a total of 25.
2.We also got swag to wear by BTC mobile operator during our meeting.
3.BTC Is promising to sponsor out next training and a photo shoot to train girls in ICT how to upload and use images in Wikimedia commons.
4. We are given access to the BTC center for innovation to hold our next training sessions with the girls in ICT.