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Global Data & Insights Team

The Global Data & Insights (GD&I) team gathers, synthesizes and socializes data and insights on the effectiveness, efficiency and impact of Foundation programs and operations, the movement, and the world so the Foundation can continue to be an effective change agent in the movement for free knowledge.

Who we are

The GDI team promotes the use of evaluation for learning and informing decision-making to better the support of the Wikimedia movement, its projects, and communities.

Our team includes a small group of strategists, data scientists, and evaluators working to support the Wikimedia Foundation. With an organizational goal to make the Wikimedia movement more inclusive of communities marginalized by structures of power and privilege, our team works continuously to evolve to improve the validity of our data collection tools, the representativeness of our samples, and the quality and depth of data available about the dynamic international landscape in which the Foundation works. We currently have two focal priorities areas in which we work to develop a culture of data and impact along a handful of workflows we maintain in these efforts.

  • Foundation Data & Insights
  • Movement Data & Insights
Sumeet Bodington (Director)
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Sumeet has worked across different industries and sectors over the last 15 years. From impact evaluation in the Banking industry looking at projects across the globe, to Public Health and International Development, to Corporate Accountability Sumeet has lent her skills in for-profit, non-profit, and academic settings to elevate voices of people who are not normally heard and make sure that their voices are incorporated in program design and implementation to reach intended impact.
Tanja Anđić
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Tanja has a Ph.D. in Sociology and has conducted research using ethnographic, interviewing, textual, and survey data. As part of the Global Data & Insights team at the Wikimedia Foundation, her role is to develop and implement community-facing evaluation projects to help the Foundation better understand our movement, and, hopefully, how free knowledge can thrive.
Jaime Anstee
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Jaime began at the Foundation in 2013 with the development of the program evaluation and design initiative. She played a lead a organizing the first ten Learning Days events for the Wikimedia movement, provided support for the AffCom as well as affiliate and movement data collection efforts, led a track of Phase I Movement Strategy, and currently leads the teams efforts at identifying practices for evaluating with equity as well as in landscape research and the development of an equity index in which we can assess movement development and progress toward our 2030 aims. Jaime has an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Social Psychology and more than 15 years of experience in evaluation.
Christina Macholan
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Throughout her career, Christina has worked in a variety of analytics leadership, program management, and training roles with teams around the world. Most recently, she helped lead the digital analytics team at NPR, helping to transform the way the organization and its hundreds of Member stations used data to measure the reach, engagement and impact of public radio journalism. Christina has also worked as a data scientist, helped stand up a mobile app developer training program in Egypt, and spent several years designing and delivering free, publicly available digital training programs at Google. Christina has a Masters in Predictive Analytics.
Caroline Myrick
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Caroline began working for the Wikimedia Foundation in June 2022. She holds a Ph.D. in Sociology, focusing on language diversity and social inequality. She has worked as a university instructor, a data scientist in the nonprofit sector, and a data analyst in the public sector.

Qué hacemos

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Foundation Data & Insights

Improve the effectiveness and equity of Foundation-led programs and events by collecting, collating, and reporting on data that helps us evaluate program inputs, outputs, and outcomes so that leaders have insights to shape planning and funding decisions.

Movement Data & Insights

Collect, analyze, and share data on the demographics, needs, and experiences of movement participants to inform ongoing decision making and determine whether we are meeting Foundation goals related to a thriving movement and so that ultimately, we can create a more equitable movement.

See: Community Insights and Wikimedia Affiliates Data Portal

Data Tools & Evaluation Resources

  • Developing quantitative and qualitative evaluation instruments, metrics, and data approaches (including surveys).
  • Providing access to the Qualtrics survey system: Providing account access, communicating with users, maintaining the Terms of Use, and supporting users with both Qualtrics technical questions, and survey design questions.
  • Collaborating with Program Officers, event coordinators, and grant committee members to review and assess grantee programs and evaluation plans.
  • Designing, implementing, and monitoring evaluation strategy, plans, and processes.
  • Collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data from different populations
  • Providing internal design & development input to movement organizers tools

See: Evaluation Portal and Survey Support Desk.

Evaluation Capacity Development Review 2013-2017
AffCom at WMCon 2017


  • Participating in task and workflow tracking and management for quarterly reporting; weekly team stand-up and manager check-ins, monthly department meetings, as well as team and individual goals.
  • Supporting strategic planning & accountability through quarterly and annual planning and reporting of team efforts as well as participation in the Foundation's strategic planning.

Global Data & Insights team

To whom I go to about … GDI contact
Affiliate Data Derick, Jaime
Community Insights Tanja, Jaime
Grants Data Jaime
Data Tools & Metrics Jaime, Tanja
Evaluation Strategy Jaime
Global Landscape Data Jaime
Survey Design & Analysis Tanja, Jaime