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Making Knowledge and data freely accessible to everyone


  • Organize training and workshops to educate the public on open data
  • Organize training and workshops to educate the public on the use of open technologies
  • Extend open activities to remote areas especially the three northern regions of Ghana


  • Edit-a-thons
  • Training Events
  • Workshops
  • Photowalks


Planned Activities[edit]

  • Planning a series of projects to organise Wikidata political data about legislators from across countries in the Global South (other than Ghana) as part of the broader Political_Data Initiative|. Since MySociety has stopped doing this out from Wikidata, it has become necessary for another entity to continue this important work.
  • As part of our Improving_Local_Language_Wikipedias Initiative, we plan to organise trainings for language-based universities; first in Ghana, and then across Africa, to encourage creation of local content for small language Wikipedias. In Ghana, we plan to upgrade incubating languages to a full Wikipedias, and contribute more content to the already existing Akan and Ewe Language Wikipedia. Two team members are again, scheduled to meet Dagbani language faculty of University of Education on August 31, 2019.
  • We plan to expand offline access to Wikimedia projects in underrepresented communities, by assembling and donating IIAb devices during outreach to schools and community libraries with little or no access to internet.
  • We hold monthly online community meetings (last saturday of the month), and share announcements on our WhatsApp platform. As of June 2019, there are 111 people on our WhatsApp platform.


Please list yourself here. It's not necessary to list yourself to participate in GOI Foundation activities, or to comment on our projects; it's just an informal headcount and directory to look up community members and well wishers.
Simply typing four tildes (~), like this: ~~~~ below the numbered list, will automatically generate your signature and time stamp.
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