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Global Reach/Insights

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2016 Phone Surveys[edit]

To help direct our work of expanding Wikipedia usage, our team is conducting a series of surveys to learn more about both potential and current readers in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Our surveys are significantly different than most surveys at the foundation. Typically, the foundation surveys only the people who happen to be using Wikipedia. This approach omits feedback from non-Wikipedia users, which is critical to expand into global regions where Wikipedia is not well known. To avoid this limitation, we use phone surveys to answer key questions around the awareness and use of Wikipedia, mobile phones, and the internet in general.

New Readers Phone Surveys[edit]

The New Readers program is a cross-functional effort created with the goal to better understand and reach potential new readers. As part of the New Readers effort, we surveyed existing and potential readers to complement the design research work being conducted in these countries. The design research portion of this work consisted of personal, on-site interviews to gain a deeper understanding of their habits and limitations.

Additional Phone Surveys[edit]

We're continuing our work to survey additional New Readers priority countries, and hope to survey at least 2 countries per region in LATAM, Middle East & Africa, and SouthEast Asia.

Data sets for further study[edit]

Our links above illustrate the results of each survey. However, a full data set of the survey is also available for researchers who wish to do their own analysis. We will release all of the survey data along with documentation of methodology, full question/response text and survey flowchart.

More full data set results will be coming soon!