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This is the global meesage delivery of Wikimedia Small Projects User Group. To subscribe, add your username on this page. To unsubscribe simply delete your username.

If you add your name to the miembros (members) column, you agree to be part of the group, but if you remove it, you will remain a member of the group until you prove otherwise.


  1. Wikiviajes:La posada
  2. Wikinoticias:Café
  3. Wikilibros:Café
  4. Wikiquote:Café
  5. Wikiversidad:Claustro Wikiversitario
  6. Wikcionario:Café
  7. Wikisource:Café
  8. Commons:Café
  9. Wikivoyage/Lounge



These users are part of WikiSP

  1. User talk:Galahad
  2. User talk:Hispano76
  3. User talk:Millars
  4. User talk:LuchoCR
  5. User talk:Alexandrabello
  6. User talk:DerFussi
  7. User talk:Hasley
  8. User talk:Ikan Kekek
  9. User talk:SHB2000
  10. User talk:Bromoxido
  11. User talk:NoonIcarus
  12. User talk:Marinna
  13. User talk:Balou46
  14. User talk:MONUMENTA
  15. User talk:Bedivere
  16. User talk:Jsmura
  17. User talk:Villalaso
  18. User talk:Manlleus
  19. User talk:Ignacio Rodríguez
  20. User talk:Cbrescia
  21. User talk:Sargento de Hierro
  22. User talk:Ybsen lucero
  23. User talk:JOAN
  24. User talk:-sasha-
  25. User talk:koavf
  26. User talk:Faendalimas
  27. User talk:Jaluj
  28. User talk:TaronjaSatsuma
  29. User talk:Lizluz89
  30. User talk:Peter Bowman
  31. User talk:Alhen
  32. User talk:Zblace
  33. User talk:RichdVarela

No miembros[edit]

These users are not part of WikiSP

  1. User talk:Zerabat
  2. User talk:Jura1
  3. User talk:Nw520
  4. User talk:Vulphere
  5. User talk:Liuxinyu970226