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Notification approvals


 wikis = all
|topic = Example heading
|content = Example content, maybe multilingual

Usage examples

  • list of wikis: use w, b, n, wikt etc. (or wikibooks etc.) to only notify some projects, use en for languages and w:en for individual wikis; exclude something with !commons
  • wiki/lang variables: ... content text {{Global_notifications/var|en=52% English|de=25% German|else=100%}} text ...
  • magic words: ... you can use magic words like {{SITENAME}}, {{SERVERNAME}}, {{SERVER}}, {{CONTENTLANGUAGE}}, {{#language:en}} ...


  • wiki link: an inner-wiki link has to have a leading colon: [[:link]]
  • meta link: a meta link has to be a usual link: [[link]] (no leading "meta:")
  • clean meta link: to get a meta link without the meta: prefix: [[link|link]]
  • ext. links: avoid external links (especially at the beginning, due to CAPTCHA ;-)
    • When the message box works here, it actually should render well on all wikis!
    • ...but:
      • Images/files have to be transcluded from Wikimedia Commons ...
      • templates/categories working/existing on Meta will not work on all other wikis ;-)

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Tell us about your Wikipedia

Because other Wikipedians often hardly know anything about your language edition, tell us about your Wikipedia.

New project proposal: Soviet Repressions Memorial

A new proposal has been made for Victims of Soviet Repressions Memorial.

Hmm, not sure whether this is worth for a notification. Yet, it is just a mere proposal (there would be many many others as well). I for myself do not have any problem to inform people of 'new project proposals', but the big problem is that, although many people are vitally discussing such proposals on Meta, nobody of the Wikimedia staff actually cares (no notification will change that, unfortunately). There are plenty of good and very good ideas, but no wiki (not even a test wiki) has been set up by Wikimedia for actually all of those proposals that are swirling around here. Improvements to Wikipedia&Co. to merge in those ideas aren't done (often a software issue, e.g. database-like stuff). People just should use Wikia instead for example (they are very innovative and are happy! to set up good idea wikis, to give them at least a chance; good ideas aren't ignored on other Wiki farms and they wouldn't end in talk). So, only auspicious and up-and-coming ideas should be posted to all our wikis, I think. --- Sorry for that, Melancholie 17:50, 25 December 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Commons Picture of the Year competition

TheCommons Picture of the Year competition is now concluded. Please have a look on the picture of the year 2008 and the finalists. Thanks to all the voters for participating!

Please replace the notification of POTY2008 (last posted on 2009-04-19). If my English is strange, please fix it. Thank you.--miya 17:29, 8 June 2009 (UTC)[reply]

August 2009 Translation Rally

Among all users contributing 500 or more new translations for MediaWiki, and eligible for a cut, we will divide 1,000 Euro (approximately 1,400 US Dollar).
See here for more information.

Opt-in image filter global referendum

The Wikimedia Foundation will be holding a global referendum regarding the implementation of an opt-in personal filter. Please read more about it at Image filter referendum. You can help with translations at Image filter referendum/Translation.

Ontmoet Jimmy Wales.

De oprichter van Wikipedia komt naar Nederland om jou te ontmoeten op 9 november 2012 tijdens de Wikimedia Conferentie Nederland in Utrecht. Schrijf je nu in!