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This glossary is specific to the grants and their management in the Wikimedia movement.

annual plan
description of the activites which should happen in the next year; it is generally created under the supervision of the board of directors of an entity in collaboration with the members and the staff; there could exist an associated budget
Annual Plan Grant
grant distributed by the Funds Dissemination Committee aimed at providing eligible entities unrestricted grants for their annual plan
abbreviation of Annual Plan Grant
bridge funding
transitional funding
incorporated or non-inorporated organisation or individual involved in a grant request
abbreviation of Funds Dissemination Committee
FDC process
process in which the FDC distributes the Annual Plan Grants with roughly the following steps: letter of intent, proposal, recommandations by the FDC, resolution by the WMF Board of Trustees
FDC staff
Wikimedia Foundation staff supporting the Funds Dissemintation Committee
funding period
period that a specific funding covers
Funds Dissemination Committee
committee composed of 9 volunteers, which distributes Annual Plan Grants to eligible entities of the Wikimedia movement
fund-seeking entity
entity which seeks funds from one of the various organisations or committees which provide grants
abbreviation of Grant Advisory Committee
large donation given by one entity to another in order to achieve a program (restricted grant) or let the receiving entity achieve its mission (unrestricted grant)
Grant Advisory Committee
advisory committee of the Wikimedia Foundation composed of 27 volunteers, which distributes WMF Project & Event Grants
abbreviation of Individual Engagement Grant
IEG committee
abbreviation of Individual Engagement Grants committee
impact report
report written by an entity at the end of the funding period for Annual Plan Grants
Individual Engagement Grant
grant distributed by the Wikimedia Foundation aimed at engaging individuals or small teams for the benefit of the online Wikimedia movement
Individual Engagement Grants committee
committee of the Wikimedia Foundation composed of 17 volunteers, which distributes Individual Engagement Grants
letter of intent
first step of the FDC process in which the fund-seeking entities submit a letter where they state they will seek funds from the FDC in the next round (some months after)
indicators which gives quantitative or qualitative informations about the progress of a program
grants whose the value is very small; various chapters distribute such grants (the maximum value of these grants depends of the chapter)
set of activities which aims at improving a specific thematic area in, around, or related to the Wikimedia projects
progress report
report written by an entity to state their advancement in its programs, particularly the ones covered by a grant; the FDC requests one report by quarter during the three first quarter after a funding
(FDC) proposal
proposal submitted to the FDC by the fund-seeking entities; a proposal includes a description of the planned programs and the associated budget
(FDC) round
round of the current fiscal year (of the WMF, i.e. from July to the next June) in which the FDC distributes Annual Plan Grants (two rounds by year)
strategic plan
description of the long-term vision of an entity to achieve its mission; the time period covered by a strategic plan is generally greater or equal to 5 years
abbreviation of Travel and Participation Support
Travel and Participation Support
grant provided by a collaboration between three Wikimedia entities (WMF, WMDE, WMCH) aimed at support participation to non-Wikimedia events