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This is the archive of Meta-Wiki Goings-on in 2005. See also the full archives.

Goings-on in December 2005

31: J.Wales adds a personal appeal for the fundraising campaign. please translate in your language. [1]
28: The Romanian Wikipedia organised the first edition of Romanian Wikipedia Prizes for 2005. 12 prizes categories and 1 big prize were won by the most active editors.
25: The history page of deleted edits is hidden again [2]
25: A new special page, Special:Filepath, installed on Wikimedia
25: The Cite.php extension from the Cite package installed on Wikimedia
25: The Special:Unwatchedpages special page enabled on Wikimedia for sysops
14: The Italian Wikipedia has won two awards at the "Premio WWW" (Trophy page)
5: News.com, quoting Jimmy Wales, reports that Wikipedia will soon ban anonymous users from creating articles.

Goings-on in November 2005

21: New Special:Cite page added to Wikipedia
21: Wikizine has gone live, subscriptions at announce-l
21: Summary of the China block
17: A Wikilists is proposed. Please make suggestions as you see fit.
4: Please comment on the "more-photos" proposal and featured photo proposal for Wikinews. How can we get more photos for the Wikinews main page?
8: The CheckUser Policy went live and is official now.

Goings-on in October 2005

Goings-on in September 2005


Goings-on in August 2005

Goings-on in July 2005

  • 26 July 2005: Discussion of Kiki character designs requested for Wikijunior project.
  • 21 July 2005, 01:00 GMT: Wiktionarians: Erin McKean, editor of the New Oxford American dictionary took part in a moderated discussion, talking about dictionary making. See http://wordsmith.org/chat/mckean.html
  • Meta administrator : please give your opinion on current meta administrators on Meta:Administrators/confirm
  • Translators that are willing to co-operate - help translating Wikimania
  • Proposal for Sinitic linguistic policy by Mark
  • Calendar - A non event. Calendar is terribly non updated. Please adopt a calendar !
  • Slavopedia - a new project and an unprecedented effort to make inter-Wikipedia cooperation a reality. First contacts between Slavic Wikipedians are promising and they have resulted in numerous improvements to Wikipedia articles and starting of a new wikibook (Slovio). As a matter of fact Slovio is envisioned as a communication means of the project. If Slovio proves successful it might spark new developments in its use reaching far beyond Wikimedia projects.
  • New project proposal: wikicurrency: A place for community currency directories, discussions and information.
  • MessedRocker proposes hiring professional writers for Wikimedia projects.
  • There seems to be very little interest in Wikibooks. This is such a good idea (especially for sciences etc). Can we raise awareness of the project in schools, research institutions and so on?
  • Everybody interested in new localized Wikimedia chapters is invited to join us at Wikimedia Nederland i.o.
  • Election notice has been changed. Update of translations is needed both meta and on local projects. Candidates are being accepted on Election candidates 2005 until June 27, 23:59.

Goings-on in June 2005

  • New project proposal: Faith Wiki: A collection of unbiased information about faith, religions, and cultural beliefs.

May 2005

  • New Project Proposal: Wikiproofs - A project to create a place where mathematicians and researchers who use mathematics can share, review, correct and reference results and proofs. Articles would include the result(s), usually several proofs with links to results used in the proofs (varying by level of audience, assumptions made, etc.) a meaningful title, references to the literature, and brief expository information. For more information see Wikiproofs.
  • "Ryan524" is requesting discussion about his project proposal Wikinac; proposed in January, it is under development on his own server.

Weekly translations for May

  1. it:Fori Imperiali
  2. en:Arsen Kotsoyev (de: eo: nn: ru:)
  3. en:Matsuo Basho
  4. en:Whale song
  5. en:Albireo

April 2005

  • Wikijunior has begun a name candidate elimination process, in order to come to a reasonably-sized list of possibilities. See Wikijunior project name.
  • 501(c)(3) status granted to Wikimedia Foundation. See Wikimedia:Deductibility of donations for details.
  • Dot-Org Boom is an international event in Helsinki, Finland. One event, a day-long seminarium, will take place at the Finnish Embassy in Stockholm, and our own Anthere will be speaking in both cities. More details at Dot Org Boom
  • Another international meetup is proposed in the Pacific area. Join the discussion about Wikimedia meetup Eastern Asia and Oceania.
  • Wikimania 2005 is now accepting registrations! Register early to reserve a spot in the Haus der Jugend.
  • The Wikimedia Quarto is being prepared for distribution via html mail. A brief note about its mail publishing will be translated into several languages: see the draft and add your favourite language translation.
  • The English documentation is in the process of being reorganized into one namespace. So if there are problems with links or if documents are moved, this should only be temporary.

Weekly translations for April

  1. en:Ainu language
  2. en:Jawi
  3. ja:第五福竜丸
  4. cs:Antoni Grabowski (de: eo: fr: ru:)

March 2005

  • Wikimania official site is now preparing for its opening. Registration form is need to translate into Fr, and if possible, Es and Eo. The communication team calls for translators of German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Polish and esperanto.
  • New Project Proposal: Wikicode - A project to create a place where programmers can share, review and correct each other's source code. Articles would include the source code, a meaningful title, a description and compilation instructions. For more information see Wikicode.
  • The Wikimedia Foundation Board makes open questions. Give a look and feel free to add your questions, comments and suggestions.
  • Initial version of the gis Wikimedia extension for handling of geographical coordinates and linking to map resources as well as maintaining neighborhood information. See also en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Geographical coordinates.
  • New Project Proposal: Wikirec - A substantial project to create a custom wiki for outdoor recreation activities and locations. Each page would have associated GPS coordinates and various activities that would allow for a powerful search capability within Wikirec.
  • 14 Mar 2005: 173 Wikipedians in 37 groups worldwide convene for March Wikipedia Meetup Day.
  • The w:Unification Church is reviving its Encyclopedia Project. Preliminary discussions have taken place between w:Andy Wilson and w:user:Ed Poor about possibly merging the church's article database with Wikipedia. Dr. Wilson has expressed interest in acquiring MediaWiki software and setting up an independent server, although Ed Poor is concerned about avoiding a fork. Deadline for print version is 2008.
  • Wikimedia Quarto Vol.2 is coming soon. Translators are needed. Check our translation platform. Vol.3 is waiting for your contribution. Submission: WQ/3/Draft
  • Stewards/elections 2005
  • Fundraising drive ended on March 1. We exceeded our goal by 26%. Thank you for whom all donates!
  • A new project, currently named WikiProject_Translation has begun. We hope to improve the process by which information is exchanged between the various language Wikipedias. Open to all volunteers multi-lingual or not. Suggestings and ideas are also very welcome. Nsh 13:30, 6 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Weekly translations for March

  1. en:Enric Valor i Vives
  2. en:Paper plane
  3. fr:Oum Kalthoum
  4. ro:Nadia Comăneci

February 2005


  • New project proposal: Wikiopinions - collecting the anectodal experiences and opinions of users on the concepts or objects described in Wikipedia articles.
  • Language skill templates were introduced from Commons to meta. They indicate which languages you can speak in a certain level.
  • 20 Feb 2005: MediaWiki 1.4rc1 and 1.3.11 have been released with some security fixes.
  • End-user suppression of potentially offensive content - Recently, in various forums throughout Wikimedia, there has been much discussion about the appropriateness of certain content on Wikipedia, particularly sexually and medically explicit photos. There has been some agreement that, rather than participate in self-censorship, this problem could be dealt with at a technical level by allowing downstream users of Wikimedia projects to control for themselves if such content is removed, hidden (linked) or shown by default. You can contribute to this idea at End-user content suppression
  • A collection of meetings is planned
    • Grants: join #wikimedia, Feb 13, 16:00 UTC
    • Mediation: 20:00, Feb 11 #en.medcom
    • Open Board meeting: 21:00, Feb 15 (UTC)
    • Wikimania: Feb 16, 20:00 UTC, #wikimania
  • New project proposal: Wikistandards - a project to share free and open standards documentation, provide a forum to colaborate on new standards, and to reference existing standard documentation on the internet.
  • 3 Feb 2005: A voting/poll has started to ask wikians whether wikimedia projects should implement special Music Markup.

Weekly translations for February

  1. en:Manama
  2. scn:Trisceli
  3. it:Lago di Bolsena
  4. fi:Lapin sota

Software for February

  • MediaWiki 20 Feb 2005: 1.4rc1 and 1.3.11 have been released with some security fixes.
  • MediaWiki 4 Feb 2005: v1.4beta6 and v1.3.10 were released and installed on all Wikimedia sites. They included security fixes.

January 2005

  • New project proposal: Trade Standard – a project to stimulate international development that can lead the Wikipedia model to the level of global civil governance.
  • meta:nofollow: THIS DISCUSSION IS IMPORTANT AND MORE PEOPLE SHOULD CONTRIBUTE. WP has implemented "nofollow" already, which some people regard as a technical decision and others regard as a public admission of the failure of the WP experiment: that the WP community could reasonably control content to high quality. Have your say now
  • New discussion going on at Lilypond implementation- a new way to add music in its original form to any Wikimedia project.
  • New project proposal: Wikibuilder - a knowledge base covering the design and construction of the built environment.

Weekly translations for January

  1. en:Kasimov
  2. zh:大熊猫
  3. de:Pyramiden von Güímar
  4. en:Xöömej
  5. en:Lao

Software for January

  • MediaWiki 17 Jan 2005: v1.4beta5 was released and installed on all Wikimedia sites. It includes security fixes and a small change to the database schema.
  • MediaWiki 8 Jan 2005: v1.4beta4 was released and installed on all Wikimedia sites.