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Welcome to Wikipedia's goings-on, a central point for community-wide members to collect information about the community-wide project and to report on recent goings-on. This page is not for discussion; only to inform the various sub-communities of community-wide issues.

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Goings-on in April 2004

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Goings-on on the projects

Vandalism alerts : Hukuk.net spam found on the following small wikis: als, as, ay, az, be, bn, bo, ca, co, cs, el, eo, pa, ps, pt, qu, ro, ru, sa, sh, si, simple, sk, sl, sq, sr, sw, te, tg, th, tk, tl, tr, tt, ug, uk, ur, uz, vo, xh, yi, yo, and zu (larger wikis not checked). Mongolian tourist information spam on the Asia article at af, da, es, eo, en, eu, fr, lt, zh, tl, sv, ru, pt, pl, no and nds.


  1. Extension Syntax: Voting begins on what syntax to use for extensions such as math, music, hieroglyphs, chemistry, etc. This vote is now closed. Erik's proposal (XML-like syntax) will be implemented.
  2. Steward policies - Draft policies are being discussed. See also Talk:developer access
  3. Developer status clarification - Finally, thanks to Tim, great clarification of the different types of developer access level, and who may do what. Update of developer names.

Wikimedia :

  1. Board of Trustees : Jimbo announces the upcoming election for the Wikimedia Board of Trustees. Danny and Imran volunteer to be the election administrators.

Goings-on on meta itself

  1. Steward policies - please discuss
  2. Administrators - policy for adminship on meta itself. Will go live on the 17th of april
  3. Meta:Requests for deletion - Request for deletion policy updated.

On the mailing lists this month

misc, technical, foundation, complete list

New mailing list foundation-l - http://mail.wikipedia.org/mailman/listinfo/foundation-l. Please subscribe if you are interested in

  • starting new Wikimedia projects
  • finding clever ways to raise funds
  • setting up a local chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation
  • helping with the Wikimedia Board elections etc.

On the main list, this week, two loooon g discussions are going on

  1. Check out the start of the discussion about patents
  2. Check out the fascinating discussion about new wikipedias and Language codes : start here, but look at the whole archive for more. With in particular a thread started by Erik : [1]. As of 06th of april, the discussion is still going on, join the fun !
  3. Reported by Jimbo, this funny story

Featured content on Wikipedias

de: Zheng He, Kondom, Sextant
en: Superman, Jet engine, Pearl Harbor
fr: Informatique, Auvergne, Québec, Martin Luther, Science
pl: Amélie Nothomb, Tadeusz Kościuszko, Zaratusztrianizm
zh: 日食 - 工作流管理系统 - 仙女短鯛 - 北大西洋公约组织 - 科举
Books: German I,II,III
Source: War of the Worlds
Quote: Einstein, Russian proverbs

Checked in code

Bugfixes will typically go live immediately, while larger changes will go live with the next update.

  • History links, diff links for (top) edits in contributions list
  • Printable versions implemented through CSS
  • Section edit links in diff view to current version
  • Make ~~~~~ (five tildes) insert just date/time, without [[User:username]]

Archived goings-on

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