Grantmakers and Wikimedia

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Grantmakers support the Wikimedia projects in different ways.

  • Financial support to initiatives related to Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects.
  • Financial support to Wikimedia Foundation.
  • Financial support to Wikimedia chapters, affiliates and groups.
  • Financial support to research about Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects.
  • Use of open licenses compatible with the Wikimedia projects.
  • Requiring grantees to use open licenses compatible with the Wikimedia projects.
  • Uploading their content (GLAM partnership)
  • Partnerships in Wikimedia related initiatives
Grantmaker Use of open licenses Grantees produce open content Financing Wikimedia initiatives Financing research Financing WMF
Wikimedia Foundation
Wikimedia chapters Wikipedians in residence

Support to volunteers

Orange Foundation WikiAfrica Cameroon



Wiki Loves Africa

WikiChallenge African Schools

Kumusha Takes Wiki

Activate Africa

Goethe Institut Wiki Loves Women

Wiki Loves Africa

Agence de la Francophonie
GLAMs Wikipedians in residence
European Union √ (open access and open data) Wikimedia Sverige

Wikimedia Italia (not leading organisation)

lettera27 Foundation

Moleskine Foundation


Share Your Knowledge

WikiAfrica Schools

(Wikipedia Primary School

feasibility study)

Open Society Institut
FNS (Swiss National research fund) Wikipedia Primary School
South African research agency Wikipedia Primary School
Ford Foundation
Bill Gates Foundation
Fondazione Cariplo √ (cc by-sa) Share Your Knowledge

Wikimania Esino Lario

Wikimania Esino Lario - Protagonismo culturale offline e online

Human Rights Foundation Kiwix
Creative Commons Projects related to tools

Activate Africa

Prince Claus Fund Activate Africa

Wikipedian in residence


The Swedish Postcode Foundation FindingGLAMs
Volkswagen Foundation Open Science Fellows Program (Wikimedia Deutschland)
Stifterverband Open Science Fellows Program (Wikimedia Deutschland)