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This is a page for organizing assumptions regarding, and the development of, the new Annual Plan Grants portal. To participate in this page please keep descriptions as short as possible and provide links to more information when needed. Please bring up new topics and major differences of opinion on the discussion page before making changes, thanks!

New name - Annual Plan Grants[edit]

  • FDC portal will be renamed and moved to grants namespace, Grants:APG
  • Many previous pages will be archived and deprecated to the new pages.

Landing page[edit]

The landing page will be the first result from searches on Meta and the destination of links from Grants:Start, mails and banners. It will contain:

  • Announcements
    • Including a note to watch this page for future announcements (and whether they'd like to join a list to receive announcements and updates related to the FDC's work)
  • Button 1 to the start info for entities/people starting proposals (audience 1)
  • Button 2 to general info for everyone else (audience 2)
  • Link to a single question/discussion page for all APG issues not related to specific proposals

Audience 1 - Entities[edit]

Who is this audience? Entities are groups applying to the FDC for funding.

What do they need to know?

  • Schedule
  • How to apply
    • A general outline of the process
    • A button to begin a proposal

Audience 2 - General/Community members[edit]

Who is this audience? People coming from other wikis who have followed mail/banners/posts with links to get involved with grant processes.

What do they need to know?

  • What is the Wikimedia movement
  • What are Annual Plan Grants and who makes up the Funds Dissemination Committee
  • How to be involved
  • How to easily access the proposals and reports

Audience 3 - Funds Dissemination Committee[edit]

Who is this audience? FDC members, existing and aspiring.

What do they need to know? (This area will not be linked from the main pages except for FDC introductions)

  • Overall APG calendar
  • FDC member info
  • FDC operations info
  • FDC deliberations (and other) schedules
  • Easy view of all forms, proposals and reports

Open questions[edit]

  • How should we handle the calendar, as the "current" schedule has gotten unwieldy.
    • One major calendar with all dates, so that at a glance one can find where the process stands.
    • Separate schedules dedicated to each round and found only on relevant pages/proposals.